Welcome to the wonderful world of Flow!

Flowtoys is dedicated to furthering the flow arts and the positive and often life-changing effect they have on the world. We do this in part through providing inspiring quality products, excellent customer service and a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

We take our mission and values seriously, and are interested in working with resellers who share similar values and who are committed to our customers, the quality of our products, our values and policies.

We believe that we are all in this together. We care about our resellers and our customers. We aim to respond promptly and thoughtfully to all communications, allow returns and cover defects. We are honorable and reasonable people, and are open to negotiations, but we are not interested in working with people who compromise our values, or our ability to serve the greater good.

Please read our wholesale terms and policies below carefully.
They are not simply a formality - they are the foundation of our relationship. While we recognize the importance of financial success, we are not only motivated by profit and will terminate a relationship with a vendor who violates our policies or undermines other resellers. If you have particular issues or questions regarding any of our terms, please feel free to contact us. We may be able to work something out.


First contact

If you are contacting us for the first time, please introduce yourself - tell us who you are, how and where you sell. Please do not simply sign the agreement - email us and introduce yourself first.

To protect our resellers, we cannot offer wholesale pricing to individuals who are looking for bulk discounts, or wholesale at below MOQ.

Wholesale Policy/ Reseller Agreement

Quality and customer experience: The Flowtoys brand is known for beautiful, well-designed, conscious quality products, affordable pricing, excellent customer service and a solid lifetime warranty. Maintaining these qualities is important for our collective customers' experience and the value of the Flowtoys brand. To ensure that our brand and our collective customers' experience are not compromised, and to maintain our ability to fairly and effectively serve all our resellers, we maintain the following policies:

List price: All resellers must sell at a listed retail price no less than the MSRP, which is our listed web retail pricing. You are welcome to offer storewide sales, or incentives e.g. package deals or free shipping, and reward your loyal customers with storewide discount codes etc. for limited time periods. However the listed retail price should not undercut those of Flowtoys and other resellers.

Product descriptions: Product descriptions must be accurate and may not misrepresent the product or make false claims. You are welcome to use our media and descriptions for your product pages, but please do NOT simply cut and paste information from our site, especially where pronouns are concerned/ please do not have descriptions indicating that you created/produced a Flowtoys product.

Unauthorized products and counterfeits: We may choose not to wholesale to shops carrying unauthorized compatible products and counterfeits, as they might compromise the warranty, user experience and product pricing.

As of late 2013, we were alerted to poor quality torofluxes made by a company in China and are taking legal steps to address this issue. The counterfeits may not roll well, and are sometimes rusty. We have had to handle warranties on these counterfeits and can tell if they were made by Flowtoys. We will terminate any reseller relationship with shops offering counterfeits.

Unauthorized modifications: We do not permit unauthorized modifications or additions to our products. If you are considering offering Flowtoys with your own handles, leashes, lights, covers, cases, etc., please contact us and we will consider it. This includes product options, combinations and items recommended in video, audio or text. You may sell unauthorized items separately, but it should be obvious to your customers that the parts are not made/offered by Flowtoys.

Honest offerings: You may not claim to offer, or allow pre-sale purchasing of products that are not yet available for wholesale, or list products that have been discontinued or that you do not have in stock. (Typically done to boost search results.) You may, however, create a static page promoting a flowtoys product you intend to carry, as long as it does not confuse a customer into thinking they can buy it at that time.

Third party sites: You may not sell flowtoys on third party sites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

30-day payment terms: Orders must be paid for in full before shipment. If a reseller is in good standing after 5 orders, he/she may request terms (30 days from ship date to complete payment). If a reseller has a single late payment, payment terms will end until timely payments resume. Sorry guys - we've had way too many problems with frequent late payments to be flexible on this!

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Warranty and returns

All Flowtoys products have a lifetime warranty, and replacement and upgrade policy. These are important to our customers and our brand's reputation.

Resellers are requested to ask customers to contact Flowtoys directly concerning any product questions, problems or warranty issues. We are constantly making improvements and updates to our products, and need to ensure accurate information. Direct feedback from customers also helps us maintain the high quality of our products, and ensure future versions account for as many customers needs as possible.

If you would like to service your customers directly with Flowtoys warranty policy, please contact us and we can authorize you to do so. You will have to:

  • uphold all our warranty policies
  • keep yourself informed of product updates and information (feel free to email us for the latest info)
  • commit to responding to customers within 48 hours, and
  • understand that not all products you send back will necessarily qualify for credit.

If you would rather offer your own warranty service, please contact us. If your policy is better for customers than our policy (e.g. lifetime free replacement or refund, no questions asked, all shipping covered etc.), we will consider it.

Our half-price upgrade policy cannot be extended to resellers, but many flowtoys parts and products may be sent back for wholesale credit. Truly defective electronics that show no signs of water or physical damage will receive full credit or replacement. Electronics with physical damage and other flowtoys manufactured parts can be sent back for partial credit.

Wholesale returns: We want you to feel comfortable stocking up for special events, or as needed, to fully serve your customers without getting stuck with unsold inventory. Resellers may return new resellable product for a refund given the following:

  • Reseller is responsible for shipping costs.
  • Reseller is responsible for a 10% restocking fee.
  • Products must be shipped back within 4 months of invoice date.
  • Product must be in new, resellable condition, including any packaging or info materials.
  • Product must be part of Flowtoys current offering. Discontinued or older-version products or colors will not be accepted for refund. We will give all our resellers notice via our wholesale email newsletter well before we discontinue any items and encourage returns of items that will be unsold before they are out of date.
  • Damaged, dirty, scratched, stained or otherwise not new/resellable product will not be accepted for refund, but you may receive partial credit.
  • We recommend going through your inventory at the end of each busy season if you plan to send things back. If you return electronic items that are years old, you may qualify for some credit, but you will not get a refund as we continually make improvements to our electronic products.

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We will perform periodic reviews and if a reseller is found to be in violation of the wholesale policies, we will send an email notice and date by which the issue must be resolved. If you are unable to comply by that time, we will end the reseller relationship.

To be fair to everyone, by agreeing to these policies you agree that:
If you change your mind, or become unable to comply with these policies at any time, you will remove flowtoys from your offering immediately and return all unsold product in reasonable condition for refund.

It is unfair and disrespectful to other shops to continue selling flowtoys in violation of our policies while others continue to honor them.

We understand that business decisions can be difficult and complicated. If you decide you are unable to comply with our policies at a particular time, we understand. If you are ready to adhere to our policies at a later date, you are welcome to contact us about starting a new relationship :)


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Product safety

Flowtoys products are intended for movement play, and designed to withstand drops, hits and other abuse. By purchasing flowtoys products, customers must be made aware of necessary precautions recommended for safe operation of their toys. Resellers agree to include accompanying manuals and operating instructions with all applicable products sold.

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Order, shipping and payment process

Order process: Once you agree to the Reseller Agreement, we will send you a link to our online wholesale catalog. Please refer to it for the most recent pricelist and order form.

  • If your order is straightforward, you can e-mail your order to wholesale@flowtoys.com
  • If you order is more than a few different items, please download and fill in the order form, and e-mail to wholesale@flowtoys.com.
  • Please provide your shipping address and payment method if they are different from what you originally entered in the Reseller Agreement.
  • Once we receive your order, we will contact you within 3 business days to confirm receipt of your order (usually within 1 day).
  • We will put your order together and send you an invoice with payment instructions.
  • If you are using Paypal or credit card for payment, please use the payment link in the invoice.
  • Once payment is made, we will ship and send you tracking info.

Minimum Order Quantity: You can EITHER meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for ALL the items you are ordering, OR a minimum order total of US$750 if you are ordering a mix of items at quantities below the MOQ (pricing will be at the lower MOQ price).

Most of our MOQs are 6-12 pieces. Most of our wholesale pricing is 50-60% of retail depending on quantity. MOQs vary for different items.

Lead-time: Please expect at least a 1-week lead-time to fill most wholesale orders. Depending on inventory and quantities ordered, there might be a longer lead-time. We will inform you if any item is out of stock, or if there are any expected delays. Please plan ahead to account for the lead-time AND shipping time when you have an upcoming event or before the holiday season. If you have an event that requires a rush please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Once we put your order together, we will send you an invoice with shipping and total. Once your order has been shipped, we will send you tracking information.

Shipping options: Currently we ship all US domestic orders via USPS or Fedex Ground, and all international orders via DHL. If you have a UPS account that you prefer us to use, we can do that. We use signature confirmation for all USPS packages.

Customs duties: If you are receiving your package in a country outside the USA, you may have to pay customs fees, import duties and/or taxes, which are levied once the package reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for details.

If you have any specific shipping or customs instructions, you must specify them with each order.

Payment methods: We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card. Resellers may also pay via bank transfer, or a US check or money order made out to "Flowtoys". All bank transfer fees must be paid and the total invoiced should be what is deposited.

If you are based in California, we will need your BOE 230 resale form and resale certificate in order to waive sales tax.

    Online payment methods:
  • US domestic Paypal transactions do NOT have a processing fee.
  • International Paypal transactions incur a processing fee of 3%.
  • ALL credit card transactions all incur a processing fee of 3%.
  • ALL Paypal and credit card payments need to be paid using the payment link provided from our invoice notifications sent via e-mail. Please do NOT send Paypal payments to our Paypal address!



Legal disclaimers pertaining to flowtoys.com apply to the reseller agreement as well. While we will do our best to alert resellers to updates to our wholesale policy, it is your responsibility to review the agreement periodically. When you place an order, we assume that you are up-to-date on our reseller terms and policies.

Reseller agreement

If you agree to our wholesale terms and policies, please fill out the Reseller Agreement form linked below. We will respond via email with our current wholesale catalog.

submit your reseller agreement

Thank you for your interest in Flowtoys!
We look forward to working with you to bring more light, movement and joy to the world!


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