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Staff spinning is both simple and complex, straightforward and nuanced. There are a multitude of styles, variations, speeds and applications for staff. Wherever your staff journey takes you, technique will take you farther. Though staff spinning may be the most ancient and broad of the flow arts, the widely available free tutorials that poi spinners enjoy aren't so widely available for the multitude of staff techniques. So we've gathered some inspirational videos for you below, along with our favorite instructional DVDs. We're working on a series of introductory staff videos just for you. Stay tuned!

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learning resources

Ready to learn staff spinning? We offer a range of instructional DVDs, downloadable videos and even a book that we believe offer high-quality instruction. This level of detail and production isn't always available in free tutorials. Plus, many of our paid resources have regular exercises, detailed breakdowns, and other sweet features to help improve your spinning. We love all the videos we carry, but here are a some of our favorites for each staff style.

single staff

Dancing with the Fire Staff

Featuring Cirque du Soleil Fire Dancer Srikanta Barefoot, this digital video series takes you from basic patterns & techniques to intermediate patterns, moves & sequences. A stand-alone tool for both beginners & experienced fire artists alike.



double staff

Double Staff Manipulation

Over 160 minutes of instruction guiding you through the learning process of double staff. Taught by Michael Caden Pike (MCP) and Noel Yee, the tutorials are organized into 4 chapters - Basics, Building Blocks, Concepts, and Illusional - with each chapter containing many moves and concepts within. A fantastic way to begin your double staff journey.



contact staff

First Contact Book

A new instructional book by Chazz Parham, renowned UK contact staff artist and teacher. First Contact breaks down nine basic contact moves into simple step-by-step instructions, accompanied by over 100 clear illustrations. A great reference for the absolute beginner, but also useful for more experienced contact staff spinners to gain a deeper understanding of these foundational moves.



gear up

Ready for some new gear? You definitely came to the right place! Check out our guide to choosing your staff - we'll help you find the perfect prop for your practice.