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All flowtoys-manufactured products are covered under our forever flow™ lifetime warranty, no matter when or where you purchased them from. Please contact us at warranty@flowtoys.com to address any warranty needs.

All warranty items MUST be sent AFTER emailing us. Please do NOT send in items without prior communication.

General warranty for specific flowtoys products:

Warranty for non-flowtoys products:

Simple instructions for amazing warranty service:


Forever flow™ lifetime warranty and upgrades

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Warranty terms

You must contact us BEFORE sending anything back. Please do NOT send items to us without first contacting us! Instructions below.

The warranty does not cover products that were lost or stolen.

We cannot be responsible for merchandise that was lost or damaged during shipping to us. Please ensure your package is securely packed and trackable.

All warranty items need to be sent back before credit is given. Please do NOT make a purchase and then send back your old rigs for credit. You will only be able to use the credit towards a new purchase - we cannot apply credit retroactively!

Please read all the troubleshooting tips and policy relevant to the product in question, and follow the instructions provided below.

We can only replace and upgrade with items that we currently have in stock. We will try our best to replace with the model/color you request, but we cannot guarantee that it will be available at any time.

We reserve the right to refuse coverage to any persons or entities that abuse these policies. Examples of abuse would be intentional breakage, repeated breakage from the same actions, and returns sent without prior acknowledgement from Flowtoys.

You are responsible for all return shipping and handling charges. We do not issue call tags. We will recharge the shipping fee for all packages returned to us due to an undeliverable address or recipient refusal.

Warranty may take up to two weeks to be processed. If you are in a hurry, please contact us directly via e-mail and we will do our best to accommodate your request, though we cannot guarantee it.

Our products should not be combined with products or parts from other manufacturers, unless specifically authorized by us and such other manufacturers. Any unauthorized product combination may void the warranty of our products and other manufacturers’ products.

Upgrade terms

Any flowtoys in any condition may be returned for 50% of the current price in credit towards new flowtoys for up to 50% of the value of the new purchase.

If a part/product has been discontinued, it will receive 50% of the original price in credit towards new flowtoys for up to 50% of the value of the new purchase.

The amount credited may not exceed 50% of the new purchase. All returned item credit must be used in a single purchase. You get the best deal when your purchase amount is equal or greater than the value of your returned goods. If you do not have your receipt, we will assume the lowest purchase value for returned flowtoys (eg. sale/discount value).

If you would like brand-new spiffy looking parts to replace your old, worn crystal cases, tubes and caps, you can send your old rigs in and get credit towards a replacement/upgrade.

Upgrade/replacement credit cannot be combined with other discounts, coupon codes, combination offers or pricebreaks from ordering accessories with rigs.

Upgrade credit cannot be applied to shipping and handling.

Upgrade credit must be used in a single purchase - we do not hold credit on file for future purchases.

This upgrade policy applies only to our line of manipulation-specific props and the purchase amount applies to the retail price as listed on flowtoys.com. The upgrade policy does NOT apply to PomGrips, umoja speheres, DVDs, utilikeys, pants, hipsacks, power accessories or any fabric flowgear. FiberFlies have their own warranty that is similar to Flowtoys warranty, but FiberFlies are not made by Flowtoys. Fiberflies have 20% upgrade credit towards flowtoys or new Fiberflies.

Oggpoi: Credit only given when returned as part of a full set (pair of oggpoi with charging base and wall adaptors). Stand-alone oggz chargers, ogg units or leashes alone cannot be sent back for credit. Please do NOT send back oggpoi made by other companies - we can tell and will not be able to offer any credit.

General warranty for specific flowtoys products

Capsule lights

If the capsule is faulty and not physically damaged, we will replace it for free.

If the capsule is physically damaged in any way, we will replace it for half price + shipping.

Capsule battery lifespan: Capsules are warrantied against defects and damage, though all batteries have a lifespan and the warranty doesn't cover expendables. Capsule batteries should provide a good charge for 2+ years, or 500 charge cycles before significant capacity loss, but many factors can affect their lifespan, including heat, cold, charge frequency, and depth of discharge.

Starting in 2015, date of manufacture can be found on the bottom of the battery. If a capsule battery fails/loses significant capacity (less than 2 hours in "bold"):

  • within 2-years of manufacturing, we will replace it for free as long as the light unit is undamaged.
  • after 2-years old, we offer upgrades for $17.50 per capsule.

If you have an issue not related to the battery, and your capsule is >2yrs old, the lifetime warranty applies.

Replacement capsule light units: We may replace your light unit with a new or refurbished unit for faster service.

Troubleshooting Tips
Many apparent issues with capsule lights can be fixed with troubleshooting. Please try the tips below - if they don't fix your light, please contact us at support@flowtoys.com.

Problems with pressing the button a in pod shell?:
    Check your C-ring:
  • If the button won’t press or respond through your pod shell, or is very hard to press, the problem is often the c-ring.
  • It is easy to miss the c-ring if it's stuck in the bottom of your pod shell - it's clear and blends in with the silicone shell, and the fit is so tight that it takes a lot of wriggling to remove it.
  • If you inserted your capsule without its c-ring then it is probably misaligned, or missing entirely, or you might even have two! And this can cause problematic button behavior. Please check that the c-rings are properly installed on the capsules before putting it into your pod shell.
  • If the c-rings are properly installed on your capsule, and the capsule is sitting properly inside the shell, then the problem might be something else.

    Clean under the button / clean pod shell:
  • Another reason the button can misbehave is if dirt or debris gets underneath the silicone button inside your capsule.
  • Check out this video explaining how to disassemble a capsule and clean underneath the button with a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol.
  • Check out this video a customer made, describing how to disassemble podpoi and clean out the pod shell.

Won't turn on?
  • Make sure the USB power source has power - connect other capsules or devices to confirm.
  • Try a different cable with the same jack to be sure it’s not a bad cable.
  • Your capsules should light up when first plugged into USB power.
  • Inspect your cable and jack for obvious damage or obstructions.
  • Your battery may be deeply discharged. Even if it won’t light up at first, try charging overnight at least (8+ hours).

If your capsule does not light up, or respond to a charger:
If it’s a system crash it can often be fixed with a reset. A crashed capsule light will not light up AT ALL. If it lights up even the tiniest bit, it does NOT need a reset. Check out this video for instructions on How To Reset.
For capsules lights purchased Jan 2015 or later, please plug the capsule light into a working charger right after you try the reset. Please note that a reset is not a fix-all, and if you reset your light too many times you can damage it. If it lights up even a tiny bit, there may be another issue going on (do not reset).

Low battery indicator/ red flash even when charged:
In some cases, a fully charged (confirmed & charged for hours) capsule light will blink red and shut down. This could be due to a number of battery issues, including over-discharged battery, old battery that won't hold a charge anymore, or an internal battery issue - there is no DIY fix, so let us know if you think this is the problem, and we’ll send replacement instructions. It is most likely a battery that is >2 years old, and we can upgrade your light for $17.50/capsule.

If the chargers seem fine and the capsule light is BLUE on charge:
The battery is deeply discharged and you should leave it charging overnight. Once it’s been charging for at least 8 hours, take it off the charger and turn it on. It may go into ‘boot mode’ (which looks like all solid, primary colors) - turn it off and on again to make go into normal modes.


If your flowlight-FS is defective/not working properly and not physically damaged (cracks, split shell, signs of water damage etc.), we will replace it for free.

If your flowlight-FS is defective and show signs of physical damage (cracked, split, glued or water damage), we will replace it for $12.50/light+shipping.

If you would like an upgrade to flowlight-FS, you can send your old flowlight for 50% of current price towards a flowlight-FS.

If you have old flowlights that you would like to replace or exchange to a different G1/G2 flowlight, we will do our best to accommodate depending on stock availability.

  • Please check the area between the button and the battery door - remove the battery door and pry the shell apart - if there is a crack there, that's considered physical damage.
  • You MUST send your flowlight back to us to qualify for warranty or upgrade. Warranty instructions below.

Many apparently faulty flowlight behavior are due to a battery or battery contact issue. We recommend you check the troubleshooting tips to see if the issue is something that can be fixed through the tips and videos provided there.

Note that when we receive your light, we will check with a freshly charged battery and a jig that checks the battery springs. If the light works fine, we will tune it up and send it back to you - we will contact you to pay for the return shipping. People often think their batteries are good, but oftentimes the lights we get back are low battery issues or have dirt on the springs.

Batteries matter!
If you are using alkalines, make sure they are really good quality and fully charged. We can't tell you how much of a difference good batteries make in the flowlights. They were designed with rechargeable NiMHs in mind - they draw a lot of power and most alkalines can't keep up. The difference between a rechageable NiMH and a cheap or low alkaline can be 7 hours of uninterrupted run time versus 30 minutes and rapid disappointment. And not fully charged or cheap alkalines make the flowlight behave strangely - like turning off for no reason or appearing hard to turn on.

New rechargeable NiMHs do NOT come charged as they discharge over time - make sure they are fully charged shortly before use.

Do not use rechargeable alkalines or NiCD - rechargeable alkalines cannot handle the current draw of the flowlight and NiCDs don't have a lot of power for their size and don't last long. Warranty instructions below.


If your toroflux is deformed, you can return it for a half price replacement +shipping. You must send back your toroflux to qualify for replacement. Warranty instructions below.

Modular system parts

Contact us if any non-electronic modular system parts (crystal cases, caps, tubes) are defective or broken. Unless they were seriously abused or damaged through a non-intended use, we will replace your broken parts for free. Warranty instructions.

Flowlight wand

  • If a joint broke, we can fix it for $20/joint + shipping
  • If a light broke, we can fix it for $50up (depending on the type of flowlight) + shipping
  • If you would like to get the whole wand replaced, it's a half-price replacement + shipping

Please send your broken wand and all its parts WITH the carrying tube! Otherwise we will have to charge you $30 for the new tube when we send the fixed/replaced wand. Warranty instructions below.

Hipsacks, clothing, fuzzy poi covers & other fabric flowgear

We cannot replace or refund hipsacks, or any fabric-based gear that has been used, including furry covers, hipsacks, t-shirts and action pants. If you purchased t-shirts or pants, and found that they did not fit you, you can return them in brand new condition for an exchange, or a refund on the cost of the item within 30 days of purchase from our website. Please note that you will have to cover shipping back to us. Return instructions.

General warranty for non-flowtoys products

DVDs, books, utilikeys, power accessories etc.

We cannot replace or refund any DVDs, books, utilikeys, keychain lights that have been opened and/or used. If something is defective, you can return it for exchange, or refund within 30 days of purchase of our website. These items do not qualify for upgrade credit. Return instructions.

Power accessories

AAA batteries, NiMH chargers, USB cables, power packs and other power accessories have a 2-year warranty. If they stop working, you can send them in for replacement. Power accessories do not qualify for upgrade credit.

PomGrips and umoja spheres

PomGrips and umoja spheres (used in flowmoja contact poi) are made by our friends at LanternSmith and generally do not fall under our forever flow warranty or qualify for upgrade credit. Exceptions apply. If you have modified pomgrips from capsule handles, we will warranty them and offer upgrade credit. If your PomGrips or umojas are defective for some reason, they are covered under the manufacturer's warranty - we will require a receipt, as other shops also sell PomGrips and umojas. If your dog chewed your pomgrips or umojas up or you tore them somehow, we cannot replace them for free. Thanks for understanding!

FiberFlies Pixelwhips

Pixelwhips are made by our friends at FiberFlies, LLC. They do not fall under the flowtoys forever flow warranty, and receipt is required for FiberFlies warranty, as other shops offer them. They come with a manufacturer's warranty on defects. As long as they’re not physically damaged, it will be a free replacement for the parts that are not working. If there is physical damage, you can get 20% credit towards a new unit, or towards any flowtoys products. Warranty instructions below. Warranty instructions below.


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Instructions: warranty, replacements & upgrades

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Step 1. Contact us at warranty@flowtoys.com before sending anything - we will respond kindly!

Please do NOT send items to us without first contacting us. Many issues can be fixed with troubleshooting, and we would be happy to help you figure out a solution before troubling you with shipping things back. Also we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged merchandise that has been shipped to us.

Include the following in your e-mail message:

  • Your name and contact info.
  • Your flowtoys order ID, or where you got your Flowtoys from (xyz site, festival, gift).
  • What is happening with your Flowtoys item: be specific - mention the item and issue.
  • If you are considering an upgrade, please tell us what items/rig you would like to send in, and what you would like as an upgrade.
  • Whether you are looking for an upgrade, return or replacement.

We will respond to your email within 3 business days with support, and/or send you details for your upgrade/return/replacement.

Please go through the troubleshooting tips that we direct you towards. If you return a functioning item because you did not go through the troubleshooting, we will return it to you and you will be responsible for return shipping to you.

Step 2. Download and fill out relevant form(s).

Once we OK your return: Download, print and fill out the relevant form(s), and send the completed form with your returned item(s).

Download your warranty forms here:

Step 3. Packaging and shipping your items to us.

If saving money is important to you, we recommend returning items in a regular envelope with minimal packaging and sending it via First Class mail or some other cheapo shipping option. Please choose a sturdy envelope or reinforce your package with packing tape, so your items do not fall out on their way to us!

If time is of the essence and tracking is important to you, you can return items in USPS Priority or Priority Express, UPS or Fedex. Please note that as a general rule, we do not bear the cost of shipping items to us. Please ONLY return the item that is to be replaced. Do NOT send parts that are ok, such as batteries, leashes, casings etc.

Please ONLY return the item that is to be replaced and not other parts, such as batteries, leashes, casings etc unless they are defective. This saves on fuel, packaging and postage going both ways.

If payment is required:
Sending a check/money order with the appropriate amount is the FASTEST way to get your replacements. You can also pay by credit card or Paypal - we will email you an invoice and payment link for the total, and ship out after payment comes through.

Please remember shipping+handling in your check!

    Postage for common items:
  • 1-4 flowlights = $5 (first class)
  • 5> flowlights = $8 (priority)
  • 1 toroflux = $5

We recommend using minimal packaging. Sending us one flowlight in a large box filled with non-compostable peanuts is pretty wasteful - we recommend re-using paper, plastic bags or other materials to protect an item, if you think it's necessary. Note that newspapers or other printed materials might stain some items.

If you are returning items for refund or partial refund, any free promotional merchandise associated with your purchase must be included with your return, or we reserve the right to charge your account for the full retail fee of the promotional item(s). All promotional items must be returned in original, brand-new condition with the returned merchandise.

Step 4. We process and complete your warranty.

We typically process warranties 1-2 times a week. We will check out what you sent in, and contact you within 3 business days of receiving it.

If your warranty issue is straightforward and requires no payment or if you included a complete check/money order payment, we will ship out your replacement immediately and send you the tracking number.

If your warranty issue requires a replacement fee or any other payment, we will contact you with payment details. If you paying with Paypal or credit card, PLEASE email us when payment is made otherwise there might be a delay in processing your warranty issue.

We inspect every product that has been returned. We reserve the right to refuse refunds and/or exchanges of returned items if one or more of the following has occurred:

  • Damage due to heavy abuse
  • Dirt, sand, sun and/or water damage, signs of glue, other adhesives or leaking glowstick chemicals etc. in electronic parts
  • Related paperwork is absent
  • You can still get credit towards another purchase, but we will not offer refund or exchanges for such items.

If we're shipping items back to you: We ship all replacements via USPS First Class mail with tracking information and will send you the tracking number in an email. If you need your replacement in a hurry, you must state so in the note accompanying your return and bear the cost of expedited shipping.

If we're refunding you: We will remit the refund via your Paypal/credit card account or a Flowtoys check (for US only) for the merchandise amount minus the original shipping and handling fees. If you received free shipping on your original order, you will be refunded the merchandise amount minus our shipping/handling costs. A refund confirmation email will be sent to you.

Free promotional merchandise associated with your purchase must be included with your return, or we may invoice you for the full retail fee of the promotional item(s). All promotional items must be returned in original, brand-new condition with the returned merchandise.

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