Customer Service

AH-mazing! This company put innovative design, love of performance gear, and a lotta heart in their product... The end result? Sturdy, bright, colorful, versatile, environmentally friendly, and fun LED toys to play with in practice and performance. The wonderful people at flowtoys are also very customer service oriented, so if you have comments, ideas, questions, or problems, they are quick to respond and support any inquiry.

Thanks for the update! It's really good to see that you care about your customers and handle our inquiries personally.

Just so you know I'm putting in my order today, and a major factor behind this is your level of customer support. It's always good to be reassured about buying online especially as it's usually so impersonal. Yay for you!

Someone posted asking about flowtoys a few days ago, and I just happened to have to stop by their shop today to pick something up. Every time I see them, I'm left amazed by how Sean and Prisna are such great, warm folks. Their toys are super top quality, and if you buy them you'll not only get a great product, but you'll be supporting two really awesome people who love and care about what they do. So, here's my endorsement of flowtoys for anyone out there wondering where to buy glow poi (or staves, etc). do everything you can to support small businesses run by good people!"

Hi Sean! I learned my lesson before Burning Man that you always answer your phone and I don't want to disturb you on a Sunday! I talk up your business so much to everyone around me. When people want to buy glow poi and they find cheaper products out there, I really push them to go your route. I'm so impressed by the quality of your products and your service and I want you to reap what you sow!

Just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with your products, service, and customer care. I ordered a set of flow mass and flow poi to go with my existing flow poi duo and lights. Prisna, i believe, called me to let me know i was ordering 2 pairs of flowmass and we were able to clear up my mistake. Shipment was fast, receiving my package in 2 days. The lights are so bright and the toys have a great feel. I always suggest looking at your site for glow toys whenever someone ask me where to get some or what mine are. Keep up the outstanding work with everything. : )

I've recently received a pair of flowpoi from flowtoys.com, and I want to thank you both for quality service and product(s)! I really admire the effort and passion you put into what you love and helping others do the same through skill toys like staff and poi. Living in the New Hampshire area, it's been very important to me to find environmentally friendly and efficient ways to do what I love, and your LED products are the perfect alternative to glowsticks. You've thought of everything!

I am just about to place my first order with Flowtoys and I first wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I am with your commitment to quality and conservation. I am often the customer e-mailing the company before I make a purchase to request simple packaging. Thank you for being awake and aware and full of action to reflect your inner attitudes.

Flowtoys is by far the best equipment that I know out there, and the folks are committed to improving their product and the art of what it is that we do when we are shining brightly.

Thank you for your help with this order. Definitely above & beyond the "usual" customer service. --Margaret

Thanks for the lightning-speed delivery. I was extremely impressed with your response time and your friendliness in cooperation! Thank you again!

Flow experiences

I just got home from one of the most magical adventures of my life. So as you know I was in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons the last 10 days. Such a magical moment happen that I wanna share with you. Your poi have helped me get more in touch with myself in so many ways. One night after my husband went to bed. I grabbed my poi. Went out along the river bend. Had headphones in my hear. Kyla LaGrange was mesmerizing my movements. I was having a wonderful moment. As I am spinning lost in the moment of the star and a place that changed me, I look down past the bend ... To my amazement a heard of about 100 bison start to head my direction. For a moment it seemed as if the world stopped and they all watched me... Even for a second. It was for sure the most magical moment I experienced in Yellowstone. Thank you all for the wonderful moment. Without you that would have never have happened. Thank you for the beauty gift of the flow.

Met you lovely folks late on Sunday night and bought a flowtoy from you:) I just wanted to let you know I had the best time with it, even when I accidentally chucked it far over a fence near the community village composting johns. I peeked over the fence and saw it blinking happily with about 30 feet of thick blackberry bushes between us and managed to find a door that probably hadn't been opened in years. Got through the bushes, retrieved my toy, and scampered back to Miss Piggy where I spent the next few hours playing with it, much to the delight of many passersby. Thank you so much for designing this most excellent method of "gettin' yer yaya's out" as my mother used to say.

We came home on Monday and I took my 5 year old out to the park next to our house and let her spin my flowlight and she is totally addicted:) She wants to do it all the time, so ... I'll be ordering at least 1 more and possibly a set of oggpoi because she wants to learn to spin with me. Thank you sooo much for the effort and love you put into your design. Your website is spectacular too! We'll see you next year at the fair unless you plan on being in Portland any time soon. I look forward to many years of flowing!!

After playing with your toys for several weeks, I decided that it was high time that I write and tell you how much I enjoy them. My wife got me a pair of crystal poi for my birthday and shortly thereafter I bought a composite contact staff. I've been playing with them almost every day since then.

First, let me say how much I enjoy the modular nature of your toys. As an engineer by profession and a tinkerer by nature I'm really impressed at the number of ways that everything goes together. It really shows the thought process that was involved in designing your line. I picked up a few of your "as is" tubes and connectors as an afterthought in one of my recent orders and just spent almost an hour playing with the different configurations:

  • Six light, three foot staff - Check
  • Five foot staff - Check
  • Juggling club - Check
  • Swap the flowlights in the composite staff for capsule lights - Check
  • Reassemble the Pod Poi that I pulled the capsule lights from - Check
So many different options. I've only just begun to explore them all. After practicing at home for a while, I decided to take my staff to a local renaissance festival, but I wanted it to look more like a wizard's staff. It was an easy task, again through the magic of your modular configuration. I swapped the flowcap for pod shell on one end, added a couple of flow masses to the other so that it would balance, and voila, I was ready to go.

I expected the staff would be attract a lot of attention. Glowy things tend to do that. What I wasn't ready for was how quickly I discovered the local spinning community. Within a half hour of arriving at the renfest, a young man came up to me and asked "Is that an LED contact staff? Where did you get it? Can I try it out?" That was repeated throughout the day. Several people recognized it as a spinning staff, but a handful even knew that it was from Flowtoys.

This weekend I went to a convention and, once again, the spinners came out of the woodwork. At one point I was talking to a couple of local fire spinners who commented that they should get some glow toys so they could still perform at venues that aren't fire friendly.

Thanks for making great products and I'm sure I'll be ordering more toys from you in the future. --Gregg

Oh man! The "hotline" of flowtoys is so great! ;o) Yesterday was my last exam of the term! And return to party! I spun outside with light for the first time with Prodigy in the ears. I was in a total flowstate :o) With one flowmass, the weight is perfect, the reaction of the tubes during stops is good as well! By the way, string are perfect for super-uber-duper-loop, which I success for the first time yesterday.
I am presently in a new poi motivation! Since I read your description of what is flow and before that, poi lessons of Nick Woolsey about being as free as possible wiht poi, there is another point at my practicing than improve my techniques and learn new tricks. It's just about freedom of speech for my body through all those circles which are I think, kind of the most perfect shape in the universe. All is circular from the tiniest atom to our galaxy!

Anyway, it's like discover again poi. And through this I just begin to create my own tricks. Finally after 3 years of spinning I'm motivated enough to really to innovate instead of just being a copycat :o) --Rémy

Hope this email finds you very healthy and happy. The JOYCircus is very much enjoying the toys we've recently procured. We've been painting with light and lovin' every minute of it. So THANK YOU!!! Flowing with joyforce! May the joyforce be with you!

Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! I'm a happy little girl! I got my new toys today - thanks so much! I am so excited - I can't even work anymore today - I already knocked a picture off the wall and the phone off my desk while trying to play with my poi, and the temptation to try the stave is way to great. I have to get out of here before I do some real damage! Hmmmm ... I guess I don't feel so well, I'll have to go home a bit early, like right now.

This morning, I discovered the miracle of darkness twice a day!! I woke up at 430 am and couldn't sleep anymore so went into the studio and was eying up the staff when i realized with a flash - IT IS STILL DARK OUT! So I was able to play in the morning, which is a lot different than playing at night! It looks so awesome! I was watching the reflection in the windows and it looks cool, though not as wonderful as from my perspective from within the spinning - made me think a lot about experience versus observation. I always learn about myself while playing or painting or creating by observing HOW I do it and it was interesting to play in the morning when my mindset is different than the night time.... There are so many different combinations to make different effects that i can play for hours! I am taking them to a camp-out tonight and I am afraid i will not be able to play with them all night because everyone else will be using them. Will be bringing my spare 15 batteries! :) Last night I had everyone playing with your toys, from myself and other 30 year olds all the way up to seventy year olds!!!! It was awesome!...saw tracers from the lights all night when trying to sleep... Wonderful!

Hello Guys! I had the Night of my life and its because of FLOWTOYS. I can't even describe the feeling I had the entire night when FLOCKS of people would come up to me and ask for a light show. People were asking me "HOW MUCH? ARE YOU SELLING? I WANT!" I lost my friends for a hour because I was encircled by people when spinning the FlowPoi Duo. Later on in the night I found a guy with the a set of the same Flowlights! It was truly The greatest experience to share with him! I truly connected with this random guy and we switched it up and I shared my Flowlights and we turned into 2 people free handing together for the rest of the night, I wish there were videos so i could live the night over and over again, and show you!! I cannot thank you enough for your creativity and Amazing product! THANKS ONCE AGAIN!


I ordered a couple of sets of flowlights for 2 friends of mine for Christmas. I gave them to my friends yesterday at an early Christmas party because they're going to be out of town, and to say that your lights were a hit is a gross understatement. I don't think they actually put them *down* the entire day. We spent an hour our in the front yard after dark getting awesome exposure shots. These things are *fantastic*.

I am a pretty good poi spinner practicing everyday. I have to say your flowlights rock. I was spinning on new years eve and everyone thought they were better than the fireworks.

Recently, I fell in love with the new flowlights, much more than I had first expected. I appreciate everything you guys at Flowtoys have done. I love all of the poi I've used from you, and have been satisfied by them. Thank you very much for all of the work you guys are doing, you're creating a poi revolution!!!

Sean and Prisna's prototypes have been expensive to develop. They are in to it at a level that is equal to, and more than, many people's annual salaries... I'm gonna be pushing Flowtoys new toys hard. These guys put their hearts, souls, and pocket books in to developing their stuff and it shows. They have better quality than any other commercially available product out there. Bar none.

I received my pair of water flowlights yesterday. Great great product!! I've been stringing for years, and I can say from my experience with varieties of products that out a doubt flowlights are the best LED lightstick in the market. Thanks for the fast shipment and wish you all the best.

I want to thank you for these flowlights!! These things rock! They look very durable, and make amazing patterns!!

The lights are really amazing and have an ultimate brightness. I am reallY satisfied with this product and I am really critical. I have had so many different LED products but yours are one of the finest ones I own. They seem to be indestructible. Thank you very much for this nice product.

Thanks for dreaming up the flowlights and making them real. My friends and I have been waiting a long time and we really appreciate it.

I just received my flowlights and flowpoi today and the are by far the best LED sticks (LED light period!) that I have ever used! They are really durable too, I hit them a couple of times pretty hard and they didn't even turn off! i love the different modes too. i can't wait to go to the club this weekend and get all kinds of questions about them every time i step off the stage. Can't wait for the new colors so i can get a triopoi. Love your product.

I received my first pair of flowlights and i have to say they are amazing! The only problem is I have to get more!


Hi there. I'd like to start off by saying you have a great product. I've been using electronic juggling equipment for years, and yours is some of the finest and well thought out I've come across (not to mention affordable!). Thank you for taking the time to put it all together. I recently ordered your trio set of all fire (and am anxiously awaiting the new colors), and was excited to see they are "hackable" as I was kinda planning on modifying them anyway. I'm making a small handheld switch that I want to use to change settings as I spin. I used them this weekend at the SF Love Fest and immediately had a gathering of people drooling over them and wanting to have a go. Several were saving up to buy and still more were waiting to see them in person before they bought. They all went away very impressed. I can't wait for the new colors! Take care and thanks for the great poi!

Hello Flowtoys. I would just like to say that your products are really incredible! Bought the duo-flowpoi before Christmas and they are fantastic! They are durable and have so bright colors! just amazing. I was at a juggling convention this weekend and everybody liked them. People that normally don't like LED poi said that they had to get a pair of flowpois. So thank you for making great products, and keep up the good work!

Dear Everyone at Flowtoys: My name is Cody and my dad just ordered me flowpoi for my birthday. These toys are the most amazing things I've ever seen, I had to share my excitement with you ... Thank you so much for sharing with me!! Thank you all!!! I've watched the demonstration like 20 times. I don't think I'll ever play video games again. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! WOOHOO!!! LETS DANCE!!!! PARTY ON!!!! Much love and support!!!

First off: Thank you for making my poi-dancing/tech-geek wet dream. I could go on and on about how well these are designed and how much I adore them and want to shun my fire equipment, but I'm sure these things have already been said. But, seriously, they rock.

I can't tell you how excited I am to receive my new poi!!!! I have been spinning poi for a little over a year and a half ever searching for durable, long lasting, high quality, rechargeable poi. Now I have finally found them. SO THANK YOU!!!! Again thank you for the wonderful flow...

To tell you a little story.... the other night my friends and I went out to get some frozen yogurt late at night and i decided to bring my new flowpoi duo along. I wanted to show my friends how amazing they are so we hid in a corner around the back of the store. They loved them, and could not stop talking about them all night. It was really hard to get them back after i let go of them. Then, a group of strangers came creeping up and were astonished about them. they started recording me doing some weaves and soon enough there was a group of 10 to 15 people in a circle, half of them who never seen anything like poi before. i asked if they even know what i was doing... and none of them had a clue. After a while, and some simple explanations, i passed them around and everyone had a turn. I must have said FlowToys.com about 80 times : P. It was a great feeling to share this wonder with others, I'm sure you guys know that by now. I hope that more people get behind Flowtoys because they are going to sweep the nation.

I got my poi for Christmas and they are BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful enough to make me run out into the cold, cold yard and try them out! Than you so much, I hope to order for you two again. Keep up the great work!

New Flowlight Poi + Me = LOOOOOOVE
I came home from work today and was surprised to find my new flow poi had already came! I ripped opened the package and started literally squealing with delight to the amusement of my family. I'm completely in love with my new poi, they are the perfect weight, so easy to use, and playing with the light modes is so much fun. I promptly went outside into the Minnesota cold and froze my toes off just to play with them! Thanks for making my New Year so much fun! I love my new poi and plan to make all my spinner friends jealous with them post haste.


Let me start off by saying your products are wonderful. Flowlights are simply beautiful and unique in their design, and I am a very satisfied customer. I own a 3.5' flowstaff, which has never ceased to amaze myself and others - I've been asked countless times where I got it.

All I can say is wow. The poi duo and staff are awesome. Got them yesterday and used them last night. Totally by far the best LED system out there. The colors are the brightest I have seen and the overall feel of the products are great. Thank you for making such a great product, I think I'll have to try the flow wand next. I am so stoked to experiment with all the different combinations of light modes and to switch up the fire and water in each poi. Thanks again for everything, hope to see you around sometime.

Had a great time talking w/ you and your partner at Horning's. REALLY enjoying my new 5 foot staff and playing with the various light modes. I'll say it again; y'all really have your technology and aesthetics together.

We've been playing with these all night in the front yard. My daughter and I keep pushing the other out of the way so that we can see our lights in the reflection on the windows of the house! I've dropped it many times (in the grass) trying to go faster and faster and no problems yet. These are so cool! This is great and has renewed our interest in practicing our martial arts staves.

I want to say thanks so much for getting my staff shipped so quickly. It was a hit at the spin jam on Sat. You may be getting more orders because of it. Also, thanks for your commitment to 'flow'. It is inspirational to learn about you, your company and what you are doing. I am an acupuncturist and martial artist who is also seeking to get into the flow in all areas of my life. Your toys are going to help a lot.

I received my staffs 5 days ago. I just wanted to say that I am really happy with them... they spin very well with the flowmass, and I like very much the whole tubing/cap system.. very easy to use and full of possibilities. Thank you :)

Martial flow

I got the chucks in time. They are beautiful. I showed them off at EDC and everyone loved them. I handed out all the cards you gave me, and hopefully got you some sales. I had the time of my life. It almost hurts to think of how beautiful it was. Thank you very much.

The 'chucks were delivered today and they're absolutely stunning =D Thanks a million! Drop me an email to let me know how much you want for the extra postage. I'd like to pay you for the extra set of batteries as well, if I may, 'cause I feel a little bad taking anything extra on top of this fantastic bit of kit. You guys rule, have a great Christmas and New Year's. I don't know if I've missed Thanksgiving but enjoy that as well if you've not already. Yours with thanks.

I bought a couple of flowchucks from you a few years ago, and never got round to thanking you. So thank you very much for the amazingly speedy delivery, great service, and for the batteries you put in for free. I was very impressed when I received them, and it must have been good as I still remember it today. I've have loads of fun using them, seeing my friends enjoy them, and taking photos of them. I would like to wish you all the best with your business today and for the future.

I bought 2 sets of the flowchucks from you. Well.... first off I'd like to say that they feel wicked and I really like the rubber style grip on top, it makes rolls a bit easier, and I can do a few things easier with them, but at the same time it does make a few other tricks harder. but enough for the pros and cons, I like them a lot?thoroughly impressed with the durability of the chucks themselves. I've hit them in the air together at full tilt and they were fine, no crack no scuff no nothing. Again, i do think these things kick ass.

I recently got a Flowdart from you and it's amazing! In just a few days I'm already able to pull off some impressive (at least I think so) tricks! I can't seem to put the thing down! I really like your design as well. I've ordered LED glow sticks from other companies and with in a few hours I've either shattered them, or they won't turn on any more. it's far more durable than anything else I've come across. Keep up the great work!


Greetings from Oslo, Norway. I'm a very pleased and happy customer of Yours! I've been flowing with the magic wand for about one year now, and it has given my body and mind an extra creative boost.

Hey guys I just received my magic wand today. I can't believe it got all the way to Australia so quickly, I was not expecting it for at least another week. I have only just had a little go and I am already addicted. The wand is so beautiful and well made you guys really know what your doing. After I saw that video I knew straight away that I had to have one. I seriously ordered it that same day.

That's the most creative magic item I've seen! I'm a dancer so I like to use magic while I dance :)

I received my flow-wand from you in the mail a few days ago and have been playing with it a lot. Let me just say that it is so much fun and super cool to watch.

Greetings lovely ones... I just wanted to thank you for my magikal flowing wand. I had folks smiling and inspired ... very beautiful creation.

Hey there rainbow ninjas, I first saw Prisna do her magic at Burning Man last year (I was so blown away I ran and got my husband and asked her to do it again for him and she was so sweet, she got the wand out again and blew his mind) and then I bought the thing from her at Joshua Tree like a week ago. It's beautiful. Thanks so much, you do bring magic and flow in our lives.

SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT's what I'm talking about!!!! Now I have something to work toward and can see the potential so I can work my own dance and personality into it as I get comfortable with its moves. THANK YOU!!!!! You'd sell a TON of those if people could watch the magic Prisna works with them! More more more!!!! I can't wait to show my students! I can see it now...... my house and classroom are going to be the poster-child for your business.... lol

Flower stick

Your LED stix are definitely the top end I’ve tried. That includes having tried the K8, Higgins Bros new LED stix, units sold by Goudurix (PVC w/glow ball), and Jolly Lama’s. My own non-LED collection also includes multiple Lunastix, Crystal Stix, Agni’s, Mr. Babache Devilsticks, Goudurix, Higgins, Jolly’s, Gora’s, Mystiks, and probably a half dozen others I’m forgetting. I only ever use my own crafted fire and regular sticks for performance, except for yours now!

The silicone grip, handsticks, stick circumference, tassel weight, all of it, are dead on the mark. My sole suggestion would be to find a way to shine light down the shaft of either the middle stick or illuminate the handsticks in some way. This is something K8s can do that help people really appreciate that it’s a devil/flower stick and not just a rapid moving mini-staff. Even a small intense screw on light module added to each end of the handsticks would allow for a lot of neat movements that otherwise couldn’t be appreciated in the dark. I’m personally a big fan of club juggling them.

If you started making standard, non-led, Flowersticks, I would be a buyer for at least two to three sets. Following your current design into regular sticks would put you on trend with what the top end flower-stickers in Europe have been doing recently. Leather tassles are nice and all, but the precision and predictability of synthetic tassles allow for faster and more precise movements in line with traditional devilstick styles. That’s my opinion anyways.

So good job on the LED Flower Sticks and I hope you continue! I think you’ve got the basis of a competitive product outside of just the LED market.
- Isaac of Skill Circus

Custom flowtoys

Flowbachi drumsticks
I don't think I've ever enjoyed any drumsticks as much as these. At this point, um, I think I now own more than a dozen pairs of sticks of various shapes, sizes, materials, and, um, now luminescence...