technical specs

poi head and handle weights

Tables below list the total weight of a single poi head or handle.

For flowlight-based rigs, this includes the weight of the flowlight(s) and AAA battery. Note that due to the shape of flowlight-based rigs, especially duos and clubpoi, weight is not an indication of how the rigs feel compared to a shorter poi head with a similar weight, where the weight is concentrated closer to the end of the poi.

poi head weights

poi head weight
flowlight 36g
flowmass 30g
flowlight in crystal case 65g
flowlight in crystal case w/ mass 95g
flowlight in crystal case w/ double mass 125g
flowlight in flowlight poi 118g
flowlight in flowlight poi w/ single mass 148g
flowlight in flowlight poi duo 178g
flowlight in flowlight poi duo w/ single mass 208g
flowdart (w/ flowmass) 130g
clubpoi 205g
clubpoi w/ mass 235g
capsule light 30g
podpoi 120g
flowmoja 147g
capsule poi 80g
capsule poi duo 158g
capsule poi duo w/ mass 188g

poi handle weights

poi handle weight
pomgrip - empty 10g
pomgrip - 7 washers 35g
crystal-capsule-pom-swivel-handle 70g


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tube specs

All Flowtoys tubing is made of polycarbonate - the most durable clear plastic available and the same material used for bulletproof glasses. While the tubes are technically 1"OD and 7/8"ID, we have our tubing custom extruded to ensure that it meets our specs, as the difference of 5/1000ths of an inch can mean that the tubing is too tight or too loose!

All the tubing is prepped in-house, which involves size-testing, cutting the tubing down, punching holes and deburring the edges and blowing off all the shavings and dust for a smooth, clean finish.

Tube lengths are represented by the maximum number of lights and connectors a tube can house. Please see sections below for all tube length specs.

short tube lengths

Tube lengths represent the maximum number of lights and connectors a tube can contain.

  • #F tube can contain up to that number of flowlights
    • 4F tube holds up to 4 flowlights

  • #.5F tube can contain up to that number of flowlights and half a staff connector
    • 4.5F tube holds up to 4 flowlights and half a staff connector

  • #CX tube can hold up to that # of capsules and a compression connector(X)
    • 2CX tube holds up to 2 linked capsules and a compression connector

  • #FX tube can hold up to that # of flowlights and a compression connector(X)
    • 2FX tube can hold up to 2 flowlights and a compression connector

Note: Up to early 2014, flowlight-based tubes were represented in "L"s rather than "F"s. With the introduction of the capsule light, we have changed the previous L lengths to F, to clarify which light unit a tube can hold.

tube length/cm length/inches applications
1CX 13.5 cm 5.3" single capsule composite staff/baton
1F 14.5 cm 5.75" flowpoi, flowdart
shorty 16 cm 6.3" staff handles
1FX 17.2 cm 6.75" single flowlight composite staff/baton
2C 18.9 cm 7.4" capsule poi duo
1.5F 20.4 cm 8" staff ends
2CX 23.3 cm 9.2" 2-capsule composite staff end
2F 26.8 cm 10.6" flowpoi duo, staff handles
2FX 29.8 cm 11.3" 2-flowlight composite staff end, flowchucks
2.5F 33 cm 13" staff ends
3F 39.2 cm 15.4" staff handles
3.5F 45.4 cm 17.8" trio/clubpoi, flowclubs, 6-light staff ends, staff handles
4F 51.8 cm 20.4" staff handles
4.5F 57.9 cm 22.75" 8-light staff ends, staff handles
5F 64.1 cm 25.25" staff handles


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1-piece staff lengths and maximum no. of lights they hold

One-piece staffs are offered in "flowlight lengths" - a 7F staff holds up to 7 flowlights, a 12F staff holds up to 12 lights. Flowlights click onto each other and onto the end caps, and you can switch them around - super versatile. If you are concerned about budget, you can start with fewer lights and get more later to add to your staff.

Features of 1-piece staffs:
  • more length options, so you can get the perfect staff for you
  • ensures all tube lengths fit flowlights perfectly with no dead space
  • enables you to fill your staff with flowlights
  • allows you greater versatility
  • enables us to offer the option of a woodcore for a stiffer staff

NOTE: Because of the way the system works, you can have a staff with just 1, 2 or 3 or more flowlights on each end. The versatile design also allows you to have different number of flowlights on each end to create a sword like prop - in a 9F staff, you can have 6 flowlights on one end, and 2 on the other.

If you have an odd number of flowlights in a staff, you will not get a balanced symmetrical staff. If you want a staff that is 9F long and you want a symmetrical staff, you will get 8 flowlights with 4 on either side.

Woodcore: We do not recommend getting any staff length over 12F without a woodcore, as we think they are too flexible at this length without a woodcore.

length of 1-piece staff with flowcaps

tube type length/ft & in length/inches length/cm
6F ~2' 6" 30.8" 78.5 cm
7F ~3' 35.8" 91 cm
8F 3' 4" 40.75" 103.4 cm
9F 3' 9" 45.5" 115.5 cm
10F 4' 2" 50.6" 128.5 cm
11F 4' 7" 55.25" 140.5 cm
12F ~5' 60.25" 153 cm
13F (woodcore recommended) 5' 5.2" 65.2" 165.5 cm

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6-light collapsible staff specs

All 6-light collapsible staffs use 3.5F tubes as "staff ends", which hold up to 3 flowlights and half a connector, enablng the tube to connect to another staff tube, whether it's a handle or another staff end.

Below is a list of staff lengths in feet (approx), inches and centimeters and the staff handle needed to construct that staff length if you are using 3.5F staff ends.

Approx. length length/in length/cm staff handle
~3' 36.5" 93 cm no staff handle
~3.7' 42.8" 109 cm shorty
~4' 47" 119.4 cm 2F
~4.3+' 52.1" 132.2 cm 3F
~4.6' 54.5" 138.5 cm 3.5F
~4.9+' 57" 144.8 cm 4F
~5' 59.4" 151 cm 4.5F
~5.2+' 61.8" 157 cm 5F


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composite system staffs

Composite system staffs have a carbon fiber shaft connected to polycarbonate tubes via a compression connector. The overall staff length changes with the type and number of light units the polycarbonate tube can hold. There are 3 default lengths for each type of staff. Custom lengths are available for a fee. There are 2 diameters of carbon fiber shaft - 12mm and 15mm. Compression connectors are made to fit one or the other. Grip is 1mm thick and adds 2mm to shaft diameter.

Below is a list of available staff lengths in inches and centimeters for the various composite staff options w/ flowcap.

staff type - max# and type of light unit length/cm length/in shaft diameter
Isolation staff - 2 capsules 80cm 31.5" 12mm
Isolation staff - 2 capsules 90cm 35.4" 12mm
Isolation staff - 2 capsules 100cm 39.4" 12mm
Isolation staff - 2 flowlights 89cm 35" 12mm
Isolation staff - 2 flowlights 99cm 39" 12mm
Isolation staff - 2 flowlights 109cm 43" 12mm
Contact/composite flowstaff - 4 capsules 140cm 55" 15mm
Contact/composite flowstaff - 4 capsules 150cm 59" 15mm
Contact/composite flowstaff - 4 capsules 160cm 63" 15mm
Contact/composite flowstaff - 4 flowlights 154cm 61" 15mm
Contact/composite flowstaff - 4 flowlights 164cm 65" 15mm
Contact/composite flowstaff - 4 flowlights 174cm 68.5" 15mm

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