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Designed and pioneered by flowtoys, the levitation dance wand will get your body flowing and amaze your friends. Designed for dance, creative expression and meditation through movement, these enchanting toys float and move around your body as if by magic, as you control the wand with a string. They allow you to explore movement, space and rhythm, while improving your grace, coordination and focus.

We’ve created a comprehensive instructional series to introduce you to the modern levitation wand dance. The basics are offered in the videos below - these should help you familiarize yourself with your wand and get a feel for the balance and movement necessary to maintain the illusion of levitation. You can get the whole DVD, with over 1hr 20 minutes of instructions, practices and tips on short-string, long-string and double wand, in our shop.

getting started

Welcome to the wonderful world of the flow-wand! Learn about the basic styles of wand manipulation, get to know your wand, learn basic terminology, and get some tips for avoiding common problems with this video.



Leading is a fundamental way of moving with the wand. It is the basis of almost all levitation wand moves, including stalls and circles.



Circles are a foundational wand movement that allow you to explore planes and add dimension and character to your wand dance.


long string wand

There are various ways to hold the string, and the most effective and comfortable hold we’ve come across is one developed by Fine, a long-time flow-wanderer and long-string wand innovator from Germany.

Directions: Flow-wand Fundamentals offers step-by-step video instructions on how to master the long string wand. Here are some written instructions to get you started:
If you are right handed, slip your right arm through the loop of your wand string. Bring the end of the loop up to your shoulder, gather the strings together, snug them up your armpit, and wrap them around the back of your neck. The wand string will be resting on the left side of your neck, and your wand should be resting on the ground. Use both hands to pick up the strings and the wand. Play!

String length: Your preference for string length may change over time, but a good place to start is to have your string run 1.5x the length of your wingspan. Tying the ends together with a simple figure-8 knot suffices. Different body types and height will require different string lengths! A swivel finger-loop at the end of the string is not necessary as the string is long enough where twisting does not interfere with long string moves.

gear up

Ready to try the flow-wand? As the innovators of this magical prop, we would love get you flowing! Check out our selection of beautiful wands below! All flow-wands are handmade here in Emeryville, CA and come with a lifetime warranty.

short string wand

short string flow-wand

The original levitation stick designed specifically for flowing and dancing (rather than magic), our flow-wand™ is often imitated, but never duplicated!

Great for beginners, the short string wand comes with a swivelled finger loop, so you never have to worry about your string winding up - necessary for double wand play and practice. 


long string wand

long string flow-wand

If you’re comfortable with short string wand and ready to take things to the next level, try long string wand. Long-string flow-wands™ come with a 9' string, allowing you to explore new opportunities for movement such as neck wraps and hands-free moves. They do not include a finger loop, as it's not needed for long string practice.


flowlight wand

Our original illuminated LED levitation wand is very bright and striking - great for performance even on a lit stage - and it handles and feels awesome! The standard flowlight wand is made of 6 flowlights fused together - the flowlights cannot be separated as in our other props. This wand is not designed for drops, knocks, catches or long string, so we recommend it for experienced and careful short string users only.


composite contact wand

The world's most durable illuminated levitation stick and the first contact isolation glow wand! With space-age carbon fiber shaft, elastomer super grip, and ball-bearing finger-swivel. Incredibly durable, bright and beautiful capsule lights provide endless color and pattern possibilities and charge via micro-USB. The composite wand is specifically engineered for contact and isolation style but also handles excellently for any type of wand play.


flow-wand fundamentals instructional DVD

This DVD brings you the world's first comprehensive instruction on the modern levitation wand. Explore movement, space and rhythm, while improving your grace, coordination and focus. This instructional series features 1hr 20 minutes of instructions, practices and tips covering fundamentals of the three most popular wand styles: short string, long string and double wand.) Available as a DVD or digital download.


discounted flow-wand & DVD bundle

Everything you need to begin your flow-wand journey. This discounted bundle includes the original short-string flow-wand™ and flow-wand fundamentals™ DVD to help you learn this magical dance and movement practice.