great knob transition

the great knob transition!

As of mid November 2017, all flowtoys poi will come standard with knob handles - at no extra cost!

We have seen the poi artform evolve over the years, and as trends change, so do our designs to keep up with user preferences and styles.

Flowtoys set the standard for poi handles in 2011 with the flowleash design, comprising flowcord made from the ground up for poi spinning, and a unique adjustable leash set-up that was free of knots and hardware.

This year, we are updating the leash design - doing away with the floop handle+swivel set-up, and universally including Play knob handles in all poi rigs. You can even more easily adjust your leash length, and get washer kits to increase your handle weight.

What about orbitals?
If you love doing orbitals, you can add flowleash plus with truly stainless steel swivels for the smoothest orbitals in the universe :)

Discount code: Use code "poi15" to receive 15% of all poi and poi handles. Offer ends 19 November 2017.