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Hipsacks are the 21st century fannypack. Essential gear for poi spinners, festival goers, urban ninjas and anyone who wants to free their hands to follow their dreams.

Features: Made of 100% cotton canvas with multiple USEFUL pockets that fit your camera, phone, wallet, passport and other valuables. There are also secure internal pockets and several loops for keys, lights and more. Plus a larger pocket that carries your poi! Yes, your podpoi can fit :)

Designed by Nick Woolsey of Playpoi, hipsacks are versatile, comfortable, stylish and practical. Sizing is adjustable from approx. 29"-40" waist with standard laces - you can use longer laces and hipsacks extensions for larger waist sizes.


Have a question? Check out our guide to choosing a flowtoy.

Available in updated color choices: Black, cocoa, green, plum, teal, saffron and red. You can get different colors, and mix and match! Click on the image for more pix of hipsacks in action. Note: some pics are of old colors - the first pic has the latest colors.

Free flow biner! Your hipsack comes with a flow carabiner that you can use to attach keys, gear and other useful stuff. The biner fits a flowlight as well - great for festival fashion and finding friends in the dark.

Care instructions: We recommend handwashing in cold water and air drying. You can use the washer and dryer, but the colors may fade and look worn.

Front pockets:
4" x 3" x 1.25": accessory pocket
6" x 3" x 1.25": mobile phone
5" x 6" x 1.25": medium sized pocket with internal zipper pocket

Back pocket:
7.5" x 6.5" x 2": large pocket with internal passport pocket, additional zipper pocket, and a pen pocket

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Customer reviews

Apr 29, 2015
This is one of the best things I've bought ever. Thank you Nick! I've been using it for a year now. I use it every day because I like it so much. The first thing that breaks down is the cord in the back, but that is easily replaceable. Second thing are the buttons. So I recommend using only 4 buttons at a time, if your waist is small enough to match 8, that way it'll last a very long time. If the front of a button falls off, the button itself keeps going for a few months. I use it as a replacement for my pant pockets, so everything is well organized and if I want to empty my pockets, I just open it and I'm free. I keep my wallet in the back, attached with a chain to my keys in my pocket, along with a notebook. In the front pockets my phone and mp3, and in the other pockets my money, pocket knife and sometimes my gps or camera
Advantages: Good quality,
Very pretty,
good for organizing your pocket stuff,
good for travelling,
Take it off whenever you want instead of emptying your pockets all over the place,
Nothing falls out and never had any pocket thiefs yet,
There are a few hidden pockets that some people (you know who) wouldn't find that easily

Disadvantages: The cord in the back breaks down after a year (but you'll see it coming).
The buttons also break down after more than a year, but you'll see it coming too.
If you attach poi on the loops and jump to much at a party, they could break.
Podpoi fit in the back, but not that easy

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Jul 29, 2015
This is really well made and sturdy- stitching, snaps, and fabric. I have big hips and was worried it would be unflattering but it is fine, though there is no way to wear poi and a camera around your waist that will be super sleek! Would prefer it not have the gold design on front.
Advantages: can fit a ton of stuff in here, secure/secret areas for credit cards and money. well made, attractive.
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Emily Urie
Aug 12, 2016
Best solution to pocketless women's clothing ever.
Advantages: Looks good with everything. Frames the butt. Never wonder which pair of pants you left your xxx in.
Disadvantages: Black fades to brown in the sun :(
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