fun toys

There's a flow prop for everyone at every skill level! If you're starting out and looking for something fun to play with, you'll want a toroflux or a PixelWhip.

The toroflux is a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture that amazes everyone, whether they be 6 or 99 years old or anywhere inbetween. It feels incredible to play with and provides endless wonder. The torus is possibly the shape of our known universe - gotta be something synchronistic there :)

PixelWhips are beautiful and super fun to dance and move with. With over a dozen gorgeous modes & colors and the latest in fiber optic dance whip technology, PixelWhips are a dazzling complement to your favorite ensembles, both on and off the dance floor!

RingDama is a totally new skill toy that combines Yo-Yo, Kendama, and Poi swinging. Highly portable and endlessly challenging. Level up your object manipulation skills wherever you go.