We hold periodic contests to facilitate awesome content creation, and encourage the spreading of knowledge and creativity within and outside of the flow arts community. Be inspired by past contest winners below, and stay tuned to this page for future contest announcements!

life is beautiful video competition (2014)

Many of our lives have been positively transformed by the flow arts. For some of us, the shifts have been of life-changing magnitude. For some, picking up our props brings little daily moments of joy, peace and connection.

Many of us spend hours working at a computer or doing repetitive tasks; we come home, pick up our poi, staffs, clubs or wand, and our day melts away. Some of us spin with friends, many of us spin by ourselves. We have all experienced something awesome from the artform.

This international video event served as an opportunity to showcase how the flow arts brings beauty to life, and brings new life to beauty.

Jack Ober of California

Runners up:
Christian Unger for finding light in darkness and sharing his smile
Karina Perez for a touching story and a beautiful walk on a winter’s day

Honorable mentions:
Mountain Motion for a brilliant Seussian tale
FireNest for hilarity of dubious legality
Taz & Maurice for incredible cinematography, costumes and a great story of flow

You can find all the entries in our youtube playlist.


partner poi video competition (2013)

Double the flow and double the awesome! Flowtoys hosted a Partner Poi video competition in 2013 - the best video won 2 pairs of podpoi! Podpoi are not just the most awesome glowpoi out there, they are extra-amazing for partner poi because they don’t hurt when they hit you or your partner and they untangle super-easily!

We were floored by the quality of entries, and how much fun people had making them. There were many good videos, but one stood out as a clear winner - Congratulations to Van Loop, Rowan Thompson and John Godbolt from Leeds University in the United Kingdom! This video showed excellent production, solid partner skills, a hilarious storyline with fun characters - it became an instant classic for us. Though please don't cast your crystal poi away - crystal poi make great illuminated handles! ;)

For the runners up - Congratulations to Justin Warren and Christina Koller from Poughkeepsie, NY, and to Aiste Krasauskait and Darius Matuseviius of Kaunas, Lithuania - both entries showed great partner skills, awesome energy and good production.

We found something inspiring or entertaining in every entry, but a few videos had aspects we wanted to highlight and share - check out the honorable mentions for more inspiration.

Van Loop, Rowan Thompson and John Godbolt

Runners up:
Justin Warren and Christina Koller
Aiste Krasauskait and Darius Matuseviius

Honorable mentions:
Ryan Williams and Teal Young for great continuous partner flow
Kyle Johnson and Danielle Good for hella creative partner fun
Kevin Axtell + Jeremiah Johnston for awesome tosses

You can find all the entries in our youtube playlist.

meaning of flow video competition (2010)

We asked the simple question "What does flow mean to you?" and got almost 50 heartfelt responses! We had no idea when we did this that so many people would participate, or that your entries would be so amazing given the short notice! Seeing the diversity and ways that flow and flowtoys have touched so many brought tears to our eyes (more than a few times). Thank you all so much for sharing.

It has been an incredible 2 weeks watching your videos and we were very moved by every single one of them. Selecting a "winner" was challenging and I think Patrick Ablir best expressed it on Facebook when he said this is a contest where everyone wins.

However we had to choose one person to receive the Ultimate Flowkit and that person is ... Mark Husted!

There were many excellent videos, but Mark's had just the right blend of clear, concise storytelling, full spectrum perspectives ranging from personal to universal, in addition to being well executed. Congratulations Mark!

There are a number of other videos that stood out and we want to give them props here. These videos are exemplary of any one or more of the following traits: flow philosophy, poetry, production quality, articulation, descriptions of life-changing experience and general awesomeness:

Cesar Perez
Richard Hartnell
Gregory Bucy
Leonardo Izaca
Ted Petrosky
Kevin Axtell
Austin Takeshi
PJ Walsh
Thomas Waymouth
Karen Morey