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What are poi?
Poi are a pair of weights on the end of leashes that you can swing, spin, toss, dance and play with. Poi are one of the most popular props in the flow arts.

Who spins poi?
People of all ages, walks of life and fitness levels spin poi. Most poi spinners are teenagers and people in their 20s and 30s, though many older people have great fun with it as well, including our founder Sean's mother and grandmother :) Poi attracts people who love to laugh, dance, enhance their fitness or meditation practice, and explore technical movement challenges. The laugh part is important, because you will invariably hit yourself in silly ways.

Why spin poi?
Fitness, meditation, physical therapy, enhancing your body and spatial awareness, improving your rhythm and coordination, understanding planes and geometry - the list of awesome benefits goes on. There is something for everyone in poi spinning whether you are having fun with friends and family, or taking the perfect break from coding and gaming that gets more oxygen to your brain and builds more neural networks.

Is poi easy to learn?
Poi is fairly easy to learn, and many people can have lots of fun and even impress their friends and family after a quick introduction to the basics. Some people get the basics in an hour. For most people, it takes about 3 days of practice before the muscle memory sets in. A sense of rhythm and not being afraid of a swinging object helps a lot (ultimately you are controlling the poi, but it can be challenging to learn if you are constantly dodging it). You will be using your wrists and shoulder joints the most.
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Where can I spin poi?
Indoors, outdoors, at all times of the day and night. There are few places where you can't spin poi e.g. airport security. Poi are compact, travel-friendly and somewhat addictive. All you need is enough space to extend your arms in all directions with your poi without hitting anything and you are free to find your flow.

How do I start choosing a pair of poi?
If price is a concern, we recommend starting with our fuzzy poi. You can upgrade later to one of our glow poi options. If you like lightweight poi or have more of a glowsticking style, we recommend crystal poi. If you can afford podpoi, it is the best poi to start with as it is well-weighted and cushy on impact (if you're not hitting yourself, you're not learning), plus the light modes and patterns are very motivating.


What is staff spinning?
Staff spinning entails moving a stick around your body, mostly with your hands, though you can also use other parts of your body. There are many styles of staff spinning - martial arts and baton twirling are the most commonly known forms of staff manipulation. Contact staff, double staff and tech-isolation staff are staff styles that were born out of the flow arts world.

Why spin staff?
There's nothing like spinning a stick around! It's fun, it improves your spatial and body awareness, and can make you feel like a ninja superhero. For many, staff is as gratifying as poi without a soft leash to send things flying at your face - its rigidity makes it more predictable, yet there’s still plenty of room to explore dance and technique. Staff spinning also offers numerous physical and mental benefits, and learning new moves builds new neural networks. Spinning is brain food - feed your brain and the rest will follow.

Who spins staff?
Many people who have a martial arts or baton twirling background get flowtoys to light up a familiar prop. Many beginner staff spinners find it easier to learn staff than poi, as you have more immediate control of a staff than a swinging poi, which can feel a little dodgy. People of all ages and walks of life spin staff. It is generally easier for young kids to pick up staff than poi, as they instinctively know what to do with a stick. You will be using your wrists and shoulder joints.

Is staff easy to learn?
Just about anyone can pick up a staff and begin spinning it around. A few tips help unlock more patterns and you can quickly be on your way to finding your own flow. We recommend learning the basics with a single staff. There are various staff manipulation techniques, including contact staff and double staff, that require a basic staff foundation.

How do I start choosing a staff?
Most people start with learning the basics of spinning a single staff - you can start spinning any of the 1-piece staffs, collapsible staffs, flowstaffs or contact staffs we offer. If you know you would like to learn contact staff moves, we recommend learning the basics with a contact staff. After you pick up the basics of spinning single staff, you can branch out into double staff, contact staff and other staff forms.


What is flow-wand?
The flow-wand is a levitation stick originally designed by flowtoys specifically for flowing and dancing (rather than magic). There is a string attached to the wand and there are many ways you can manipulate the wand to create the illusion that it is levitating. While creating illusions is fun, the magic of the wand is in how quickly it engages us and draws us into a state of flow.

Why dance with a flow-wand?
The feeling is magnetic and magical. The wand has a short and gentle learning curve, and you can quickly experience a state of flow with this instrument. It also enhances your grace and focus, while improving rhythm and coordination.

Who plays with the wand?
If you like to dance, you will love the wand. If you are shy to dance with other people, the wand is an excellent dance partner. Kids love the wand for the illusion, though it's too long and awkward to use for little kids. Adults love it for its unique ability to constantly engage, while being relaxing and meditative. It's also very gentle on the body and joints, and does not require physical exertion - many have raved about how they've successfully used the wand in physical therapy.

Is flow-wand easy to learn?
Most people get the basics down in under an hour. A sense of rhythm, slowing down and taking responsibility for controlling the wand helps a lot. Most people who don't get it immediately are expecting the wand to do things by itself - the magic is in your movement! And it's very accessible magic :)

Which wand should I start with?
We recommend starting with a single short-string flow-wand. After you've gotten the basics down, you can explore long string and double wand. Many dancers and hoopers love the long string wand - it's very graceful and beautiful. Double wand requires more technical proficiency and some patience as it's harder to recover from bloopers ;)


What is the toroflux?
Many people don't know that you can dance and flow with the toroflux! The toroflux is a 3-dimensional slinky-spring that was originally designed as a kinetic sculpture. It folds flat, but you can put your hands through it and it pops open to roll along the length of your arm. Pass it from one arm to another, pop-and-lock dance with it, pass it to a friend - the possibilities are endless.

Who plays with the toroflux?
Anyone and everyone. Generally people who love to dance and move fall in love with the toroflux immediately as a dance prop. It's good for people of all ages, fitness levels and for those who are afraid of being hit by props.

Is toroflux easy to learn?
Toroflux is the easiest flowtoy to learn. Everyone gets it. Immediately. How far you take it depends on how inspired you are to play with it! Even if you don't do much with it other than stand still and pass it from one arm to another, it's still awesome and it feels amazing. Plus it's super portable - you can bring it everywhere.

Haven't I seen this somewhere?
Quite possibly. We've discovered that an overseas factory has begun producing and selling counterfeit toroflux. We have been working for years to bring this amazing invention to the world -popularizing it; partnering with Valett, the German artist who invented them; and paying him well for the rights to manufacture it. We spent over a year refining the manufacturing process to the highest quality. This is a hard blow! Some counterfeiters have copied our logo, product name and bag design almost exactly, so they can be tough to spot. The counterfeits themselves have poor performance - they wobble and often break, and we've received reports of tarnished and even rusty metal!

It’s very hard to make a good toroflux. The balance of twist and tension, pop and roll are very fine and hard to get right over large batches - it took us over a year to get it down! Don’t let crappy rip-off toroflux into the world! We are working hard to protect our rights and the rights of the inventor and are taking all possible steps to fight the counterfeiters. Please help us in this fight by only purchasing authentic toroflux from flowtoys - your customers will thank you (and we will too)!


compare props

  poi staff wand toroflux
popularity most popular flow arts prop many love spinning or wielding a stick easy to fall in love with everybody loves the toroflux
easy to learn lots of fun with just a few basic moves lots of fun with a few basic moves gentle learning curve you will be an instant expert
fitness level use wrists and shoulder joints use wrists and shoulder joints if you can wave your hand, you can use it if you can lift your arm, you can use it
price $30 fuzzy poi, $60-210 glow poi $100-250 glow $20-25 non-glow; $160-200 glow $20; 6 for $100
portability very portable varies with length of staff (3'-5') 26" long very portable
tips endlessly engaging; improve rhythm, geometry, spatial awareness easier for kids to start with staff than poi graceful dance prop great gift for anyone!
who will love this prop? people who love to dance, play! Versatile prop that old and young, men and women can enjoy martial artists, baton twirlers, kung-fu kids, anime and cosplay dancers, hoopers everyone - great for kids, dancers, scientists, engineers!

choose your lights

Flowlights or capsule lights? Your choice depends on how you use your lights, your budget, your preferred battery type, and preferred colors and patterns. Click here for help deciding the best choice for your purpose.


I want to get a gift for my grandchild - which flowtoy is the most appropriate?
All children love the toroflux. All children love light up toys. If you are on a budget, we recommend the toroflux. If you can spend about $100, we recommend the podpoi or a staff.

I want to get a gift for my mother who used to dance - which flowtoy is the most appropriate?
We would recommend the flow-wand or podpoi. The wand is easy to pick up and wonderful to dance with. Podpoi are everybody's favorite glowpoi and they make great decorative lights as well.

I am very stiff, but want to start learning - which prop is the most gentle on the joints?
The wand is probably the best flow toy to get you started if you are stiff. We have a beginner DVD to help build your foundation as well.

I'm totally uncoordinated! Where do I start?
Many people who don't have much experience with props, find it less intimidating to start with a staff, because you are holding the prop and have direct control of it. Staff is a great way to learn the basics of planes, directions, and how to move an object around your body.

I used to be a gymnast/dancer - which prop should I start with?
If you have rhythm and coordination, you can start with anything. Poi is an all-time flow favorite. You might love the gracefulness of the wand, or the versatility of the staff. You can integrate acrobatics with many props as well.

I'm looking for a prop to cultivate a meditative or healing flow practice - where do I start?
Poi and wand are great for meditative movement. With a few basic moves, you can quite easily transcend actuality and lose yourself to the movement.