This world rocks - let's leave it better

We think this world rocks. We want to help illuminate it, and create opportunities for meaningful interactions and transformation. We also want to participate in its stewardship, and are aware of the positive and less than positive impacts of bringing new products into our planet.

While creating joy, enhancing awareness of people’s bodies and expanding their minds, we recognize that we expend resources in the production of our toys – renewables and non-renewables alike. Much like life, it is practically impossible to evolve and experience this world without leaving an ecological footprint. However we can do our collective best to reduce that footprint and minimize our resource use, while optimizing our happiness, embracing learning opportunities and enjoying this incredible journey called life.

Choices we're making:

2016 Earth Day Special

earth day

We set out to do something new this year, and committed to helping plant 10 trees for every order placed last Friday through Earth Day Network's Trees for the Earth project. We managed to raise $510 and contributed to planting 510 trees through the project!

100% clean energy since 2016


Flowtoys is proud to be a Clean Energy business and EPA Green Power Partner, and committed to building a better future through using renewable power. By supporting local wind and solar projects through Arcadia Power, we are reducing pollution and dependence on fossil fuels, supporting local green jobs, and mitigating climate change.

Arcadia Power is the first US nationwide clean energy utility option, and a B Corporation. Check them out and consider being 100% clean energy too!

Why clean energy?
  • In addition to increasing greenhouse gases and pollution in our atmosphere, fossil fuel electricity generation uses 0.49 gallons of water for every kilowatt hour produced, resulting in ~5000 gallons of water wasted per year in the average US household.
  • In the US, electricity generated by utilities causes 33% of all C02 emissions. This is more than the transportation, manufacturing, or construction industries. Utilities also consume more water than the entire agriculture industry.
  • Wind and solar currently only make up 2.9% of the total energy mix in the US, while coal alone makes up 47.6%. By voluntarily choosing clean energy, we directly increase the demand of renewable energy production.

e-Stewards Enterprise since 2012


What is e-waste?
The world's appetite for electronics is growing and with it, a mountain of electronic waste (e-waste) and associated health, social and environmental problems are piling up.

Over 300 million computers and a billion cell phones are made every year, many of which are unwanted or obsolete within 2-3 years, and the numbers grow every year. In the US, only 11-14% are sent to recyclers, and the rest is often dumped or burned, contaminating our soil, water and air. Most of what is sent to recyclers is shipped to China, India and Africa, where lower environmental standards and cheap labor make e-waste disposal more profitable. The toxic compounds in electronics pollute rivers, threaten the health of local people, and cause severe environmental damage. 

The e-Stewards initiative upholds safe, ethical, and globally responsible standards for e-waste recycling and refurbishment, and stops the export of illegal hazardous e-waste to developing nations.

What we're doing
Flowtoys launched the green flowlight in 2012 to raise awareness of responsible e-waste management. This mission came from a walk in the woods on Sean and Prisna's anniversary. 10% of all green flowlight sales are donated to e-Stewards.

Flowtoys makes LED props, and we recognize the challenges with the life-cycle of electronics and consumer products. We do our best to minimize our ecological footprint in our product design, production and daily operations. Our products are designed to last, and they come with a lifetime warranty. We make "planned obsolescence obsolete".

While we continue to create more awesome props, and recognize that many people want new and better products, we do not want our older products to end up in the landfill. Honestly we can't bear the thought of it. We offer an upgrade program, where you can send your old rigs back and get credit towards new ones. If you have flowtoys that are no longer in use, you can also send them back to us. We'll put it towards an art project, recycle, refurbish or donate it. Several of our friends are in charities and circuses that bring the flow arts to underprivileged communities, and often ask for prop donations.

What you can do
  • Use rechargeable batteries for all your electronics.
  • Don't buy novelty items that use only disposable batteries.
  • Recycle your batteries! Most cities have battery recycling programs. If you live in the US, check out to find your local options.
  • If you have old cell phones, computers or other electronics, donate them to local charities or schools, give them to friends in need, or find a responsible e-waste recycler at and take them in for safe disposal. Never throw them away!
  • Start an e-cycling box at home, at work, and in school. It's easy and makes a difference.
  • Broken flowlights or capsule lights? Contact us at - send them in and we'll repair, donate, or responsibly recycle them.
  • Tell your friends about responsible e-waste handling. The more people know, the better we can collectively handle this issue.

Green America Certified Green Business since 2014


    Green America awards Green Business Certification to businesses that are:
  • Environmentally responsible in the way they source and manufacture products, and run their operations and facilities.
  • Socially equitable and committed to extraordinary practices that benefit the well-being of workers, customers, suppliers, and the greater community.
  • Accountable for their work by continually improving and tracking their progress, and operating with radical transparency in every facet of their business.

Flowtoys made the 2015 inc.5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US with slow, conscious growth - click here to find out how we did it.

Music & art since the beginning


Music and art make it all worthwhile. All those life celebrations, falling in love, heartbreaks, losses - there is a song for every moment, and when we find music and art that resonate with our soul, we are elevated. We express our highest selves in music and art, both in creation and enjoyment, as they allow us to access the source, commune with the divine, and just plain get our ya-yas out.

Flowtoys actively seeks out and works with music and graphic artists to create and propagate seeds of beauty for the enjoyment of all. Click to discover our music and art offerings.