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The Performer

The Performer Action Pants: Tough, fire-resistant and stylish.

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Performers are out of stock and we do not plan to restock them. We’re working on a new design and we hope to have it out sometime next year. You're welcome to check back here at a later date to see the progress on a new type of action pants, otherwise we recommend signing up for flownews to receive periodic updates about stock items, specials, inspirational videos and other cool stuff. You can subscribe in the box just to the right of this message. >>>

Action pants: Tough and fire-resistant, the Performer action pants are designed to take a beating and not melt in the middle of your fire show. These 100% cotton canvas suede pants offer the most warmth of all the action pants and are available in black. This style has extra pockets and a special edition gold screen print inspired by Nick Woolsey's poi geometry. Designed to be worn low on the waist.

- deep, subtle pockets
- zipper back pocket
- multiple brass loops for attaching keys, lights etc.
- calligraphy prints on cuff and belt loop
- secret pocket in belt loop

- M=29-33" waist | inseam=29"/74cm | outseam=41"/104cm
- L=33-37" waist | inseam=32"/81cm | outseam=44"/112cm
- XL=37-41" waist | inseam=34"/86cm | outseam=45.5"/116cm
- for larger waist, shorter leg, bottom has a hem allowance
- click on image to see more pics
Performers are currently out of stock.

Note: We are providing as complete measurements as we can. As y'all know from buying clothes, every bodytype is different, and different cuts hang differently on different people. We have tried to make these pants as versatile as possible, but we can't tell you if it will fit you perfectly or not.