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4-bay NiMH charger w/ car adapter
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4-bay chargers now come with 4 FREE NiMH AAA batteries! You can add more batteries at a discount below.

The most compact affordable battery charger we could find, this little guy does it all.

> Charges and monitors individual cells in under 5 hours
> Accepts voltage in all countries
> Super compact
> No bulky wall adaptor
> Separate removable power cord for convenient placement and easy replacement with foreign plugs
> Comes with a car adapter, so you can power up on your way
> LED display indicates when cells are charged

Note on most cheap chargers:
> Typical cheap chargers use a timer and do not charge individual cells evenly, or at all, or have no timer and will damage them if left in too long
> Typical cheap chargers will only charge 2 batteries at a time and they must have the same charge, use a bulky wall adaptor, or plug directly into the wall, requiring you to stoop down and remove all other plugs from the socket and usually will only accept local power (120v)

Charges both AAs and AAAs; 4 battery capacity. Batteries not included.

This is a NiMH battery charger - it does NOT charge Li-ion batteries! You can get a > Li-ion charger here<.


Price: $19.95

AAA batteries
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