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Flowtoys has teamed up with Photonic Bliss to bring you their latest creation: FiberFlies! Like so many light-effects, the pictures and videos here are only a hint of how amazing these look. You have to play with them in person to get the full experience!

The fiberflies create a multi dimensional light show, sensually snaking and dancing across your body while simultaneously enveloping you in a cloud of playful pixie points of bright light. Sold individually.

New Features for FiberFlies version 2.0:
- Smooth swivel: our 2.0 design allows full 360 degree motion! This enables a whole new way to play: creating swirling helixes of pure galactic magic! All the ways you played with our last version flow smoother.
- Brighter product: each point is brighter and there're more of them!
- Better Fibers: more fibers give you a more substantial feel. Higher quality fiber makes them more durable: less tangle, smoother play.

12 Color Modes:
Shimmering White (creates an RGB effect when moved), Red, Green, Blue, Orange (strobes Red/Green one long one short), Turquoise (strobes Green/Blue one long one short), Purple (strobes Blue/Red one long one short), Yellow (strobes Green/Red equally), Cyan (strobes Blue/Green equally), Magenta (Red/Blue), All colors (Quick change every second), All colors (Smooth fade with trails effect)

Other details:
- Lifetime warranty (similar to Flowtoys warranty, but FiberFlies are not made by Flowtoys and cannot be returned for 50% credit towards Flowtoys, only towards new FiberFlies.)
- Runs on 3 AAAs - 3 alkaline batteries included per FiberFly.
- Fiberflies contain strands of many lengths with the shortest strand being 1 foot and the longest being 6 feet. So the overall length is about 6 feet long, from handle to tip of the longest fiber.

NOTE: We generally recommend rechargeable batteries, and you can use rechargeable NiMHs with your FiberFlies. However this version has not been optimized for rechargeables and will run slightly brighter with disposable alkaline batteries, which have a slightly higher voltage.

DO NOT use Li-ion AAA batteries! They have 3x the voltage and will destroy the FiberFlies light unit!

Note: Avoid contact with face and eyes. This product is not intended for use by children age 14 and under.

Price: $119.95


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