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rechargeable lithium-ion AAAs
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Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have the highest energy density of any available technology, offering over 25% longer run-time in a flowlight. And possibly even better than that, they hold their charge so long that after a year they still have 95% of their charge. The next-best technology, NiMH, which is our other battery option, loses up to 50% of its charge in a month.

In addition to providing long-lasting reliable power, lithium-ion batteries can take a charge very quickly and even in our most affordable lithium-ion charger will charge-up in only 2-3 hours.

Lithium-ion batteries run at 3.7v and discharging them below 3v can ruin them! Do NOT use in any device that does not monitor battery voltage and actively turn off below 3v. Some AAA size lithium cells include on-board low-voltage protection circuitry, but these are too long to fit in a flowlight. These cells are NOT PROTECTED! Use ONLY in G2 flowlights or other appropriate device, and do not insert in the wrong direction!

- size: AAA
- voltage: 3-4v (nominal 3.7)
- mAh: 300 (higher-voltage means more power than 1000 mAh NiMH)

You will need a Li-ion charger for these batteries. Please do NOT order any other charger - they will not work!

Important safety precautions: Click here

Price: $3.00


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