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1-piece flowstaff: 12-light
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Flowstaff: A durable light staff with 12 flowlights.

Details: Good for staff spinning, contact staff, performance, martial arts, glow costume accessory. While this staff comes with 12 flowlights, you can fit as many flowlights as the staff length will allow, e.g. a 13F staff will fit up to 13 lights. Comes standard with flowcaps.

If you like the feel of a heavy staff, order flowmass.
If you want it stiffer and grippy, add woodcore and silicone grip.
For 13F staff, we highly recommend a woodcore.
NOTE: Woodcore orders might take 1-2 days longer to process.

tube type length/ft & in length/inches length/cm
12F 5' .5" 60.5" 153 cm
13F 5' 5" 65" 166 cm

BATTERIES: Flowlights are interchangeable and each light runs on 1 AAA (batteries not included). Please use only rechargeable NiMHs or high quality alkalines. Cheap alkalines will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact. We offer rechargeable NiMHs for $1 and they can be charged hundreds of times.

Options: length | flowlight colors | flowmass

No shipping options available outside the US.

Note: All tubing-based props now feature the soft silicone flowcap, which is compatible with both flowlights and capsule lights. We haven't had a chance to update the photos, but rest assured you'll be receiving the latest and greatest caps!

Price: $274.95

Flowlight 1
Flowlight 2
Flowlight 3
Flowlight 4
Flowlight 5
Flowlight 6
Flowlight 7
Flowlight 8
Flowlight 9
Flowlight 10
Flowlight 11
Flowlight 12
Silicone grip
Batteries & chargers

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