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Below are 2 open positions - We know you're out there and look forward to your applications :)


Flowtoys is seeking a Warehouse and Production Assembly person to help us enable more awesome in the world. The position will begin as a 4-month internship that could lead to a full time position as a Warehouse and Production Assembly Manager.

Tasks and position requirements are posted below. We will receive applications through 31 July 2012. Potential candidates will be interviewed early August and the position starts as soon as possible.

Please send the following to
- brief cover letter explaining how you fit the position requirements
- considering you need a full-time job, what would your ideal work-week look like? What do you like to do after work and in your free time? Hobbies? Dreams? Keep it brief.
- work/life resume with references
Flowtoys workplace is in Berkeley, California.
Internship remuneration is $12/hr, 6-8 hrs/day, 5 days/week.


Receiving and Inventory
- Receive incoming packages/shipments, check against order to ensure that orders match shipments, assist in performing QC, put away and organize items in a timely manner
- Organize materials to enable efficient, safe and accurate inventorying and workflow
- Inventory raw materials and finished products and update inventory database fortnightly
- Communicate delivery or quality issues promptly
- Ensure that all stocks are ready for filling daily orders
Production and Assembly
- Make and assemble products to maintain stocks and to fill orders as needed
- Maintain jigs, ensure tools and workstations are in good working order on a regular basis
- QC assembled products
- Communicate problems and suggest improvements re. production/assembly promptly
- Assist in other customer care and order fulfillment tasks as needed
Warehouse and Production Area Maintenance
- Maintain and organize production room, workshed and other production areas to ensure good, efficient and safe workflow
- Ensure a pleasant, clean and safe work environment
- Generally kick-ass and make the world more awesome through serving our community
- Positive customer-oriented attitude
- Good with hands and excellent attention to detail
- Very organized and responsible
- Exceptional follow through
- Works well in a team environment
- Able to take direction, initiative and responsibility
- Basic product knowledge and knowledge of flow arts a plus


We are seeking an awesome person to be part of our festival team for 2013 and beyond. This is a part-time position that entails going to various events to promote the flow arts in general and Flowtoys in particular. You will be sharing a leadership position with members of our current team.

This is not a 10-6 typical tradeshow position. You will be camping. You might have long hours that are hot during the day, and cold at night. It might rain. There could be a sandstorm. There will be loud music, mostly of an electronic nature. People from all walks of life, at varying levels of sobriety will be coming up to you asking all sorts of questions, and trying to distract you from your mission.

You gotta LOVE it. You gotta be organized, responsible and on it in a potentially chaotic environment, while making our scene look as great as our products. The position also entails helping load-in/load-out the day before and after each event. Typically we load up and drive out on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and return late Sunday or Monday night, haggard and happy. You might have to take turns driving to the event in the company van, help set up camp, stake stuff to the ground securely in the dark and smile if the organizer says you have to move it all the next day :)

We know you are out there and that you will love this job.

For the record, this position also entails going to some of the most excellent music festivals in the world and sharing your love of Flowtoys with the people around you. It means working with and hanging out with an awesome team of people, who are down for an awesome cause. You will be paid on a commission basis.

We will be taking applications until 31 July 2012.

We will select potential candidates to train at Lake Tahoe Flow Arts Festival (5-7 September) and Pacific Fire Gathering this year (14-16 September).

Ideally your schedule would be flexible next summer from April through October. We typically have 1-2 festivals in April, 2-3 events in May, 2-3 in June, and 1-2 per month from July through October. Many of these events haven’t confirmed their 2013 schedule, so we won’t know exact dates for several months.

You must be available for most events to be considered.

Please send the following to
- brief cover letter explaining how you fit the position requirements
- tell us what stresses you out and how you handle it in about 100 words
- tell us what makes you thrive and how you rejoice in about 100 words
- work/life resume with references
- On it, organized and able to multitask
- Good attention to detail and cares if stuff looks good
- Great people person and able to roll with the punches
- Works well in a team environment
- Able to take direction, initiative and responsibility
- Basic product knowledge and knowledge of flow arts
- Likes camping and the festival environment
- Good driving record

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