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Watermelon flowlights were first released in May 2010, when Flowtoys launched a special limited run in honor of Los-Angeles-based flow artist Burning Dan. Dan was a dynamic performer/teacher, who actively fostered community around the artform both locally through his weekly FlowTemple parties in LA, and globally through his travels, teaching and inspiring people all over the world.

Burning Dan was also known as “Watermelon Dan” for his love of the pink and green watermelon color scheme and the positive effect it has on people.

The watermelon flowlights were very popular and the run sold out before the end of the summer. Later that fall, Dan passed away and the flow community worldwide mourned the loss of a champion. Dan was a radiant and generous soul, who left an indelible mark in the flow community, touching the lives of everyone he met. Dan had many dreams for the flow arts. Following his passing many wondered how they could contribute to continuing Dan’s and the collective flow community’s vision.

His friends at Flowtoys came up with an idea to start a fund for the flow arts, and to seed the Fund with the profits from a commemorative run of watermelon-themed flowlights.

Following months of behind the scenes preparation, Fund the Flow Arts launched at the San Francisco Flow Show in April 2011. The non-profit organization serves the mission of advancing the flow arts, and fostering flow communities. Fund the Flow Arts' first two projects are and the Flow Show.

The commemorative Watermelon light can be distinguished by inscriptions on the circuit board:
“Burning Dan: 1974-2010, carpe awesome, the Flow must go on”

Flowtoys will donate $12 for every watermelon flowlight purchased to Fund the Flow Arts.

Click here to order watermelon flowlights directly. You can also select watermelon flowlights in all our flowlight-based products like flowpoi, staffs and martial flow props.

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