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With over 50 fantastic entries from around the world, it was no small feat to pick the winners of the 2014 life is beautiful video contest. Your videos were inspiring, heartwarming, laugh-out-loud funny and so creative! We want to thank each and every one of you who entered.

Grand prize winner:
Jack Ober,
California, USA
Jack's video resonated with us long after watching it - we kept coming back! His story is both personal and universal, and he did an unbelievable job of expressing feelings about the flow arts we didn't even know we had. Jack used to be a gamer, but now he's a flow artist. Check out his story.

Runners up:
Karina Perez,
Ontario, Canada
Christian Unger, Germany

Honorable mentions:
Mountain Motion,
California, USA
FireNest, Belarus
Maurice and Taz, North Carolina, USA

View all the entries here!

We're dusting off our camping gear and getting ready for another season of festys! Come join us this year at the following events to check out our props in person, play, learn and bask in the glow of our beautiful illuminated flowcart :) We look forward to seeing you out there!

With the new year comes a new evolution of flowtoys! In addition to the composite system, we've recently introduced several other products and product lines based on the capsule light, originally introduced in podpoi. Capsules feature 12 superbright RGB leds, kinetic awareness and an intuitive 1-button interface with many modes ranging from awesome trails to gorgeous mood lighting. Each mode is adjustable either in color, speed, brightness or pattern. Micro-USB charge-port, 6-77hr runtime, battery life indicator and a variety of charging options make it a breeze to keep glowing during festivals and travel. And capsules are modular and interchangeable among a wide variety of flowtoys poi, staffs, juggling and martial flow props!

capsule light flowcap capsule poi capsule poi duo
multicolor, durable, rechargeable light unit beautiful, soft silicone cap for flowlights + capsules same lights as podpoi
in a streamlined design
super-bright and modular, great for performance
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composite flower stick swinging club capsule dart pod meteor
the best LED flowerstick on the market! great for swinging and juggling well-weighted, beautiful Chinese dart podpoi heads on comfy flowcord leash
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Introducing the hottest thing to happen to staff spinning since fire! The Flowtoys Composite System is an extension of our Modular System and combines high performance materials typically used in the aerospace and racing industries to provide incredible equipment that will transform your flow.
  • thin and lightweight, yet super-strong and rigid carbon fiber shafts for optimum comfort and performance
  • transparent yet stiff and impact-resistant polycarbonate end tubes
  • soft and clear yet incredibly durable silicone caps for maximum glow and protection
  • versatile and modular components to enable the perfect combination of style, length and weight for you!

> Learn more: shipping, materials, modularity & compatibility
> Order now

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The team at Photonic Bliss present an all-new version of their awesome fiber optic whips. New Fiberflies now feature a 360-degree swivel, brighter light points, and better fibers. Surround yourself with a swarm of luminous playful pixie-points! Check out the new Fiberflies

Check out Sean introducing the Flowtoys Modular System below to get an overview of the system. We have also updated our Product page with extensive info on our range of offerings.

This limited commemorative run of watermelon lights are in honor of our friend and fellow flow artist Watermelon Dan and the inspiration he has given the worldwide flow arts community. Proceeds will go towards seeding Fund the Flow Arts, a non-profit organization created to advance the artform.

Flowtoys will donate $12 for every watermelon light purchased to Fund the Flow Arts.
> purchase watermelon flowlights
> more about watermelon flowlights and the Fund

Flowtoys® is dedicated to furthering the flow arts and the positive and often life-changing effect they have on the world. We do this through providing inspiring quality products, excellent customer service and a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Flowtoys produces high performance glow poi, staff and other light up toys for dance, martial arts, entertainment and fun. Flowtoys also provides a viable healthy complement and alternative to firedancing. Find your flow in the endless possibilities for creative expression and exploration of movement.

What is Flow?
Defined as a state of optimal experience, “flow” is found when we are so completely engaged in what we’re doing that the experience is pure and satisfying. Spinning staff, poi, hooping, dancing with the flow-wand and other flowtools facilitate this experience by combining comfortable quality props, endless challenge and motivating light effects!

Who are Flowtoys for?
Flowtoys are for the serious movement artist, and the playful child-at-heart alike. Looking for a unique gift, or a durable tool for expressive dance or play? You've come to the right place.

Rechargeable, Sustainable, Lifetime Warranty
Our products are a result of years of development and active use. We use what we make, and make them because we love to use them, so you can be assured of the highest quality materials and construction. All our illuminated products are beautiful, rechargeable and come with a lifetime warranty.


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