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A pair of flowlights in crystal cases - diffused, protective covers that were designed for glowstickers, "stringers" and poi spinners who enjoy lightweight rigs. Comes with flowleash with swivelled flowloop handles. Sold as a pair.

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Flowlight 1
Flowlight 2
Batteries & chargers

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The crystal cases provide padding for body wraps and protect the flowlight from impacts, while diffusing the light and making it appear brighter. Facets in the crystal line up with the button to enable you to feel it in the dark. Plus you can activate and change the modes of your flowlights without having to take them out of the crystals.

Batteries: Each flowlight runs on 1 AAA (not included) at full brightness throughout battery life. Please use only rechargeable NiMHs or high quality alkalines. Cheap alkalines will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact. We offer rechargeable NiMHs for $1 and they can be charged hundreds of times.

Flowlight handles and PomGrip knob handles: Flowlight handles create more interesting poi patterns/visuals, and is a great practice tool for enhancing the symmetry of your hands. PomGrip knob handles are great for throws, grippy, comfortable and versatile, and available in glow and non-glow. Both handle options can be attached onto the swivelled floop handles that come with your flowleashes.

Crystal case o-rings: Included w/ your crystal poi.

single crystal poi head w/ flowlight=65g
single crystal poi w/ light and mass=95g
single crystal poi w/ light and double mass=125g

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Customer reviews

Mark Tull
Oct 11, 2015
I bought a pair of these to impress my friends at a party. They arrived fairly quickly and enjoyed them everyday for about a year before my friend accidentally broke them when trying to learn. I recommend this product for any experienced glowsticker looking to amaze and trip out your friends and onlookers.
Advantages: They are very bright and look amazing when used correctly, I bought the water ones. Everyone will watch you in amazement because the bright colors and unique shapes peak the curiosity of the viewer. Great modes but i found myself always using the shuffle as it adds more variance to your show. These are the next step above standard glow sticks for experienced stringers. They are strong with the case on able to withstand minor to major hits on the body or bumping into themselves but avoid the ground or a wall.
Disadvantages: I am used to glowsticking with store bought glow sticks attached to shoelaces, the weight is perfect and is very similar. However, one tap and the battery cover flies off. I lost both covers and a battery the first night i took them out. The case is a must have, but it adds so much weight and takes away from the brightness. I did get used to the excess weight but some tricks such as leg and arm wraps are more difficult, and hand wraps are next to impossible because of the weight. In my opinion these are not recommended for beginners as if they hit something to hard they are likely to break. As mine did when I let my inexperienced friend try them, they accidentally hit one on the table and the motherboard snapped in half, no fixing that. Despite the few disadvantages I do believe that being the center of attention at events makes them well worth the investment .
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Aug 14, 2016
Supposed to arrive in 6 weeks and receive only 1 week after i ordered it. Really nice effects, i have also 4 simple poi but this crystal ones is so much better. The weight allows to go really fast and the spinning / waves effects are unbelievable. I'm buying now flow mass. Thanks !
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Alexander McAdam
Dec 24, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Having a multitude of props grants inspiration to new ideas. If you love glowsticking, these crystals are all you.
Advantages: Lightweight for high speed spinning. Insert any flowlight for color customization, each with several modes for effect creation. Great for wraps and pattern spinning.
Disadvantages: Not rechargeable unless you have rechargeable batteries. Make for some pretty bruises when hit good enough.
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rechargeable NiMH AAAs: 4-pack
4-bay NiMH charger
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