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General contact

Questions, complaints, compliments or inspirational musings ... we love to hear from you. Problems with your flowtoys? Email us. We'll take care of you.

Many questions about shipping, payment options, overseas orders, delivery times, warranty process etc. are answered in our support section. Please visit this resource to see if your questions are already answered there.

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E-mailing us

We answer all e-mails within 3 business days (typically within a day, but if we are swamped it might take up to 3 business days). If you do not hear back from us in that time, it is very likely that your e-mail ended up in our spam folder. You can also try resending your e-mail from another address, remove flashy emoticons from the message and exclamation marks in the subject line - our spam folder tends to gobble up such messages.

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Calling us

We are a very small company and do not have team of tele-zombies waiting to take your call, but you can always reach us via e-mail at info (at) flowtoys (dot) com or fill out our Contact Form.

If you need a phone call, you can call (424) 704-3569 - aka - (424) 704-FLOW. Or send us your name, phone number, a good time to call you and what your needs are. We'll likely respond to the email faster than the phone call ;)

Thank you for your interest in our designs!

-- Sean and Prisna

6315 Doyle St.
Emeryville, CA 94608